1,000-lb Sisters star Tammy’s life-saving surgery is DELAYED amid medical crisis

1,000-LB SISTERS star Tammy Slaton’s life-saving surgery has been delayed and afterward she will return to rehab amid her medical crisis.

The Sun can exclusively confirm Tammy’s bariatric surgery is set to take place the last week of July in Lexington, كنتاكي.

1,000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton's bariatric surgery has been delayed

1,000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton’s bariatric surgery has been delayedالإئتمان: TLC
The surgery is scheduled for the last week of July in Lexington, كنتاكي

The surgery is scheduled for the last week of July in Lexington, كنتاكيالإئتمان: TLC

A source exclusively told The Sun Tammy, 35, remains in rehab as she prepares for her big life-saving surgery.

By the end of July, Tammy will be ready to undergo her bariatric surgerylike her sister ايمي, 34, once hadto lose even more weight at a rapid pace.

Bariatric surgery, also called gastric bypass surgery, is an operation on the digestive system to help a patient lose weight quickly in extreme situations.

في الأصل, the 1000-Lb Sisters star was set to complete her bariatric surgery by the end of June.

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1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton's home ROBBED while she's in rehab


1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton’s home ROBBED while she’s in rehab

بحسب المصدر, Tammy’s surgery delay is due to scheduling.

After her big surgery, she will need to return to rehab throughout the month of August before she is allowed to return home.

The Sun has reached out to TLC for comment.


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Since the start of 1000-Lb Sisters three seasons ago, Tammy has been desperately trying to lose enough weight to qualify for the life-saving procedure, although Amy beat her to the punch.

After weighing in at 400 جنيه أو رطل للوزن, Amy lost over 100 pounds to qualify for the surgery, and was later healthy enough to welcome her baby boy, Gage.

ومع ذلك, Tammy had quite a number of barriers preventing herself from being eligible for the procedure.

At the start of her second rehab stint, the star reached 639 جنيه أو رطل للوزن, and now must weigh under 400 pounds to qualify for the surgery.

بالإضافة إلى ذلك, Tammy has been under assisted breathing after living with a tracheotomy.

The procedure creates a surgical opening from the neck to the windpipe to allow easy access for breathing.

Tammy’s friend exclusively told The Sun: “She hates her trach, although it’s gotten smaller.

She only has to wear it part-time now.

Her friend also shared Tammy has plans to get a second operation on her knee following the bariatric surgery.

She has been struggling with severe joint pain and has not been able to walk due to complications from her weight.


Before Tammy’s second rehab stint where she got serious about turning her life around, the star had a couple of close calls.

في أبريل 2015, the star nearly died twice in one week.

Tammy was rushed to a hospital in an ambulance when she woke up one day to find she couldn’t breathe.

After nurses had trouble finding her veins for blood work and some x-rays, doctors diagnosed the star with pneumonia.

During the weeks following her stay in the ICU, Tammy struggled with the illness as her oxygen dropped down to 17.

Tammy woke up three and a half weeks later on life support and claimed she nearlydied that night.

An evening or so later, the same event repeated.

لحسن الحظ, Tammy recovered from the life-threatening health scare, only to face further complications from her weight in the years following.

الموسم 4?

As Tammy is finally taking the steps she needs to lose the weight, she is making big plans for when she returns home to Kentucky.

Tammy’s pal claimed she is interested in pursuing a book deal.

She wants to tell all about her side of the journey, and raise awareness of body positivity.

She also plans to return to reality TV.

ايمي, ومع ذلك, isn’t as thrilled about the idea of a book or returning to TV as she prepares to welcome her second child.

سابقا, Amy told The Sun she planned to quit the show if the producers didn’t cut down her hours as she felt like abad momto her son Gage, 1.

Tammy’s friend insisted the star wasn’t worried about her future with the show even if Amy did decide to quit.

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Tammy’s pal compared the star to the العسل بو بو franchise and thought Tammy could have the potential to go solo.

هو قال: “There are so many options for Tammy even if Amy did quit the show.

Tammy will have to return to rehab for the month following her surgery before heading home

Tammy will have to return to rehab for the month following her surgery before heading homeالإئتمان: Instagram/Tammy Slaton
بحسب المصدر, Tammy's surgery delay is due to scheduling

بحسب المصدر, Tammy’s surgery delay is due to schedulingالإئتمان: Tiktok/itsqueentammy86
في الأصل, Tammy's surgery was supposed to take place in June

في الأصل, Tammy’s surgery was supposed to take place in Juneالإئتمان: Instagram/Tammy Slaton