24 Hours In Police Custody のアダム・ホワイトは、刑務所の後のショーの反発に対応します

A man who was arrested on 24 Hours in Police Custody has spoken out after his case sparked outrage amongst viewers.

Adam White was chasing two burglars who had attempted to break into his home when he lost control of his car – and left them in a critical condition.

Adam accidentally crashed into the two men while chasing them in his car

Adam accidentally crashed into the two men while chasing them in his car
Viewers watched as two burglars attempted to break into Adam's home

Viewers watched as two burglars attempted to break into Adam’s home

He was found guilty of grievous bodily harm (GBH) by a jury and sentenced to 22 months in prison – leaving those watching at home furious on his behalf.

Breaking his silence today, Adam thanks everyone for their support as he admitted regret and revealed he is no longer in prison.

彼はツイートした: “Thank you to everyone for your kind words and heartfelt sympathy we have been through an awful lot.

“It was hard seeing this on TV and with all the messages I’ve received has been amazing and very emotional I honestly can’t believe the public is behind me.”

アダム, who is from Bedfordshire, 続く: “Its was wrong to leave my house and get in the car. God forbid any public would of been there. I don’t think I could of dealt with that.

“Thank god the riders are alive and I am home now. This has been a lesson I will learn from and never forget.”

Updating worried viewers on his situation, 彼は言った: “I am home now but I have to remain on a licence until 2024 残念ながら, but the main thing is that I get to sleep in the same bed as my wife. She has been my rock.”

During the dramatic episode Adam was seen pursuing the burglars in his car, as his partner dialled 999 calling for help.

Following the crash, Adam told officers at the scene that he had been chasing the two men from his home when he suddenly lost control of the car.

As a result of the accident, the two men had to be airlifted to hospital with injuries described as ‘critical’.

After watching it, ある視聴者は言った: “Why are you condoning burglary #24hoursinpolicecustody the lasting effect it has on the victim and family, he’s protecting his family. He deserves a medal!」

別の投稿: “This guy should be getting a medal not getting arrested.

#24hoursinpolicecustody this poor bloke is protecting his WELL EARNED property and been nicked. Something wrong with the system,” said a third viewer.

The two burglars, Taylor Benford and Ryan Paul, both received fully suspended sentences and 200 コミュニティサービスの時間.

Adam was arrested at the scene

Adam was arrested at the scene