3 Dinge, die Sie bei Sturmfahrten tun sollten, um unterwegs bei Regengüssen sicher zu bleiben

THREE days of thunderstorms are set raise the risk of fatalities on UK roads.

The Met Office have warned of showers and storms set to hit the UK, speculating that Scotland may see gale-force winds.

The thunderstorms come just days after the UK its hottest day of the year at 27.5C

The thunderstorms come just days after the UK its hottest day of the year at 27.5CAnerkennung: Getty

Be it your daily commute or a drive to the pub, there are ways to keep yourself and others safe on the roads.

The tips below are guidance released by the Met Office for drivers in the event of a storm.

Wind up windows

Where possible, it is best to avoid driving during a storm.

jedoch, if you happen to be driving as thunder or lightning breaks, it is best to keep all windows rolled up and to stay inside your car.

This is to keep yourself from being exposed to water in the event of lightning.

Stay in your car

Most cars have a metal roof and frame which acts as a Faraday cage.

This means that metal conducts the electric currents from lightning, passing them to the ground through cars without harming the passengers inside.

Davon abgesehen, any metal interior from the handles, foot pedals, and steering wheels to the GPS and radio may also conduct electricity, so take care not to touch any of these in the event of a lightning strike.

Slow down

As many other drivers will likely do the same, it is best to be more generous with spacing between yourself and the car in front.

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The roads will be more slippery, so doing this allows more time to stop after braking.

Give vulnerable road users like cyclists more room also, as their usual space may be flooded and these road users are less visible than usual.

The Met Office offers a helpful rule of thumb for speed on rainy days: ‘if it’s time for your wipers, it’s time to slow down.’

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