Un appuntamento mi ha chiesto se volevo fare schiaffi di tequila – dire di sì è stato un grosso errore

A WOMAN has recalled the hilariously embarrassing time a date asked if she wanted to do tequila slapswith a very unexpected end.

All'inizio di quest'anno, TikTok user Call Me Loop explained in a viral video: “I was getting an Uber to a house party of this Hinge guy I’d never met before – 45 minute Uber.

One woman had TikTok viewers in stitches as she shared the tale of her disastrous date

One woman had TikTok viewers in stitches as she shared the tale of her disastrous dateCredito: Tiktok/@callmeloop

Already questionable from me I know but I was a bit drunk and my friends were egging me on.

On the way to meet her date, she texted him asking him to have a drink ready, as she needed some dutch courage.

He was like, ‘Sure shall we do tequila slaps?’ And I was like, I don’t know what that is but ok,” she laughed.

I arrive and he’s stood outside with two mugs of tequila shots. Bear in mind I’ve gone a long way to meet this guy, never met him before and also he doesn’t really look like his pictures.

So I’m like, ‘Give me the tequila’. I drink it and next thing I know… man SLAPS me across the face. Like a proper full-on stinging smack… What?!”

She ended the video there, but fans were desperate to know what happened next, leading to the woman returning to the social media site to share a part two of the story.

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And things didn’t get any better from then on, o.

I didn’t slap him back, even though he asked me to,” lei ha continuato.

I went into the housewas already planning to leave after 20 minutes but I really needed a wee and thought maybe his friends would be quite nice.

So I went in, but when they turned round on the sofa to say hi, one of them was my ex! They went to school together apparently.

She couldn't believe it when the man slapped her across the face, and declined to slap him back

She couldn’t believe it when the man slapped her across the face, and declined to slap him backCredito: Tiktok/@callmeloop

She added that she’d had a month-long relationship with the man around four years ago and things hadn’t ended very well.

I would have really really loved for the next time that I saw him, for me to be thriving, looking great, living my best life,” lei disse.

But instead I was on a weird fairly desperate looking date.

Lui, tuttavia, was there with his girlfriend, with whom he’s just bought a house.

I had a glass of red wine with one of the girls there that I got on with, and then got a one hour taxi back home, never to hear from him again,” she concluded the hilarious tale.

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