A look at the life Dancing On Ice star Liberty Poole

DESPITE failing to find love, Liberty Poole was the biggest star to come out of Love Island 2021.

The Blonde Bombshell has now swapping her bikini for a pair of skates on Danse sur glace 2022.

Études sur la liberté à l'Université de Birmingham

Études sur la liberté à l'Université de BirminghamCrédit: Instagram

Qui est Liberty Poole?

Liberty Poole is a 22-year-old former Nando waitress and marketing student turned reality star.

Originaire de Birmingham, she shot to fame when she took part in Île de l'amour 2021.

On the show she became a fan favourite and instantly coupled up with Jake Cornouailles.

Sadly it wasn’t meant to be, and despite being on course to win the show, the couple broke up in the last few days of the series.

What has Liberty Poole done since Love Island?

It’s fair to say Liberty has been one busy lady since Love Island ended.

À partir de 2022, the reality star and Influencer is said to be worth around £1.7million.

When she left the villa, Liberty a £1million deal with fashion brand In The Style and has since signed another four huge brand deals.

She went on to become the face of beauty brand Lola’s Lashes and also bagged a six-figure deal with self-tanning brand Skinny Tan, as well as a five-figure deal with Boux Avenue.

Who is Liberty Poole dating?

Liberty is currently single and focusing on her work instead of her love-life.

Parler à d'accord! Magazine dit-elle: “I’m happy being single, pour être honnête. I think I went into Love Island looking for love, thinking that’s what I needed.

And then I found something better.”

Elle a continué: “There’s not a lot going on in the love life department. I’m quite busy at the moment so I don’t really have much time.

But I also feel like I’m not ready, mois à 17 £ par mois, because I’m just so focused on myself that I don’t want any distractions from my happiness.

La liberté est-elle sur Instagram?

Vous pouvez suivre Liberty sur Instagram @libertypoolex.

Before going on Love Island she had 7K followers, but as of 2022 she has a whopping 1.5M.

La liberté déborde également son cœur sur Twitter, où est son étiquette @Liberty__Poole.

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