A look inside the life of Matt Hancock and his net worth

MATT Hancock is best known as the former Health Secretary and a member of parliament.

From his family life to securing a place in the final of this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! – voici tout ce que vous devez savoir.

 Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock has made it to the final of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock has made it to the final of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!Crédit: Caractéristiques de Rex

Qui est Matt Hancock?

Matt Hancock, born October 2, 1978, is a British politician from Chesire.

Il a d'abord été économiste, then became the economic advisor at the Bank Of England, where he specialised in the housing market.

Hancock entered the field of politics in 2005 as the chief of staff to George Osborne, le chancelier de l'ombre à l'époque.

Hancock then rose through the ranks of the Parti conservateur devenir secrétaire à la Santé en juillet 2018.

toutefois, before taking on the position as Health Secretary, Hancock earned his first junior minister role in October 2013 as Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise.

He was then appointed to the position of Minister of State for Business and Enterprise in July the following year.

In the same month he also became Minister for Energy.

Hancock then moved to the role of Minister for the Cabinet Office Paymaster General in May 2015.

He held that post until July 2016 when he was made the Digital and Culture Minister.

Hancock was then promoted to Secretary of State of the same department in January 2018 until July 2018.

He also served has also served as an MP for West Suffolk puisque 2010.

After taking on the position of Health Secretary, Hancock’s ambitions didn’t stop there and on July 25, 2019, il a annoncé qu'il allait se présenter pour devenir le chef du Parti conservateur.

toutefois, this dream was short-lived and after finishing sixth in the first round of voting, il s'est retiré de la course.

Boris Johnson est devenu Premier ministre peu de temps après et Hancock a conservé son poste de secrétaire à la Santé.

En juin 25, 2021, it was revealed that Hancock had breached coronavirus social distancing restrictions with Gina Coladangeloan adviser in the Department of Health and Social Care.

In an exclusive, The Sun revealed that Hancock was having an affair with Gina Coladangelo after CCTV images shown Hancock kissing and embracing her in his Whitehall office.

At the time of the affair, Hancock was married to married Martha Hoyer Millar, un osteopath, who he wed in 2006.

toutefois, the former couple’s marriage broke down after it was revealed Hancock had an affair.

The couple share three childrenthey have a daughter and two sons.

As the pressure mounted up, Matt Hancock resigned from his position just a day later on June, 26 2021.

His letter of resignation said it has been thehonour of my lifeto serve as Health Secretary and he apologised for breaking the guidance.

En novembre 2022, Hancock hit headlines once again when it was announced that the MP would be one of this year’s contestants on the ITV reality TV show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Herea decision that led to his suspension from the Conservative party.

He has also been suspended from the party whipa disciplinary move in parliament which means he has been kicked out of the Conservative Party but remains an MP.

Chief Whip Simon Hart MP mentionné: “Following a conversation with Matt Hancock, I have considered the situation and believe this is a matter serious enough to warrant suspension of the whip with immediate effect.

Rishi Sunak’s official spokesman also spoke on the matter, en disant: “The PM believes that at a challenging time for the country, MPs should be working hard for their constituents, whether that is in the House or in their constituency.

When Hancock returns from his time in the jungle, he will sit as an independent in the House of Commons.

He will also continue to represent his constituents in West Suffolk as an independent.

Matt’s time in the jungle will be up tonight as I’m A Celebrity crown the winner of this year’s seriesafter spending 22 days down under.

The MP has made it all the way to the final alongside Hollyoaks star Owen Warner and Lioness Jill Scott.

Quelle est la valeur nette de Matt Hancock?

Dans 2020 Hancock’s net worth was estimated at around £705,000-£2.1m.

His net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be around £5million.

toutefois, this is set to increase after his stint in the jungle.

According to PR expert Mark Borkowski Matt Hancock will probably be paid at least £350,000 for his latest TV appearance.

Son métier d'homme politique est sa principale source de revenus.

What does Matt Hancock do now?

Following Hancock’s suspension from the Conservative Party, the former Health Secretary will now sit as an independent in the House of Commons.

He will also represent his constituents in West Suffolk as an independent.

What happened with Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo?

En exclusivité mondiale, Le Soleil a révélé que Matt Hancock avait eu une liaison secrète avec son plus proche collaborateur, Gina Coladangelo.

Hancock and millionaire lobbyist Gina were caught on camera in a steamy clinch at his Whitehall office.

Whistleblowers revealed the then Health Secretary had been ­spotted cheating on his wife of 15 years with married Coladangelo.

He was seen kissing her at the Department of Health’s Londres HQ during office hours in 2021 as the mutant coronavirus strain began spreading.

Hancock was pictured embracing his aide, the image was from just after 3pm on May 6 — as the rest of Westminster was engrossed by the local elections.

Matt Hancock told his wife he was leaving her on the night her affair was revealed, Il a été rapporté.

Dans sa déclaration de démission, the former Health Secretary said he needed to spend more time with his children, but it didn’t contain an apology to his wife.