A Steam Deck will be given away every minute during The Game Awards

VALVE has announced that it will be giving away a brand new Steam Deck for every minute that The Game Awards is live.

The Game Awards, also known as the gaming Oscars, usually runs for around three to four hours long.

The Steam Deck is Valve's handheld console.

The Steam Deck is Valve’s handheld console.Crédito: Alexander Andrews via Unsplash

This means that hundreds of handheld consoles could be given away as part of the promotion.

The promotion is to celebrate the show live-streaming via Steam for the first time.

Anyone who lives in the US, Reino Unido, Canadá, or the EU, is welcome to participate in the giveaway, which will take place every minute during the show.

In order to have a chance at winning, you will need to verify your country on your Steam account, and not have a limited account.

Then you need to be actively watching the awards show via Steam in order to have a chance to win.

Durante a transmissão ao vivo, a new winner will be announced every minute in chat.

O Steam Decks that are being given away are the 516GB model, which is the most expensive one.

It usually retails for £569 ($649), which is one of the more expensive consoles currently on the market.

Unfortunately for British and European fans, the award show is airing and a rather sleep-unfriendly time.

For North American viewers it will be streamed live from quinta-feira, dezembro 8, 2022, no 4:30sou ET ou 7:30pm PT.

However for those in Europe it starts on sexta-feira, dezembro 9, 2022, no 12:30sou GMT ou 1:30sou CST.

Contudo, if you are planning on staying up for the event and want a chance to win, you can register for the giveaway via your Steam account.

The Game Awards Hub on Steam will also have discounts on Steam games during the show, and free playable demos for upcoming games.

All registrants will also receive a Steam Pal digital sticker that can be used in chat.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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