Adam Collard greift Freundin Paige Thorne an, nachdem sie behauptet hat, betrogen zu haben, während sie schweigt

ADAM Collard has made what appeared to be a dig at girlfriend Paige following claims he “betrogen”.

Footage emerged des personal trainer, 26, with his arm around another girl after ending up in McDonald’s after a boozy night out.

Adam Collard appeared to take a dig at girlfriend Paige Thorne

Adam Collard appeared to take a dig at girlfriend Paige ThorneAnerkennung: Instagram/@adamcollard
The star was spotted cosying up to a mystery blonde on a night out

The star was spotted cosying up to a mystery blonde on a night out
The Sun confirmed that the pair are still an item

The Sun confirmed that the pair are still an itemAnerkennung: Getty

Furious fans have accused him of being unfaithful after being seen leaving with the beautiful blonde.

The Geordie star has not addressed the rumours with his fans on social mediabut has continued to post a flurry of workout clips from the gym.

His took to Instagram on Sunday to share a picture of his dog, saying he loved him “mehr als alles”, leaving fans questioning whether this was a thinly veiled dig at his partner.

inzwischen, Welsh paramedic Paige has remained silent on the topic.

jedoch, The Sun has confirmed that the pair are still together, despite the shocking footage.

Adam’s rep told The Sun: “Adam headed to McDonald’s after a night out with friends.

His friends were alongside him when a group of girls asked for photos and Adam being his friendly self was open to posing and chatting to the girls, alongside other fans who wanted to chat in the same video.

Adam understands how this video looks but wants to state that he left the restaurant with his friends and a box of 60 nuggets (with nothing or no one else) with the intention of getting home safely.

Adam and Paige are currently dating and Adam only has eyes for her.

The video of Adam with the beautiful blonde has gained huge attention on TikTok.

In it they’re chatting as Adam stands behind with his arm hooked around her and his phone in the other hand.

The unnamed girl holds his arm and clutches onto a McDonald’s.

They’re then seen leaving together as Adam ignores fans hoping for a photo outside the fast food chain.

It’s sparked rumours Adam and Paige are on the rocks.

One fan suggested: “If I had to guess they haven’t really been together since the show ended, they just kept it up for appearances.

Don’t know why people are surprised was always gonna happen,” sagte ein anderer.

Someone else argued: “I wondered how long this would take, but Paige knew what he was like.

Personal trainer Adam is the first person ever to return to the villa for a second series.

He caused fireworks after setting his sights on islander Paige Dornwhich led to the shock departure of her love interest Jacques O'Neill.

Adam earned a bad reputation when he was in the villa in 2018.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

The ladiesman worked his way through flings with Kendall Rae-Knight und Rosie Williams before going into an eight-month relationship with Zara Mcdermott from series four.

After leaving the latest series with Paige a day before the final, Adam soon made her his girlfriend officially.

The Welsh paramedic has not addressed the rumours

The Welsh paramedic has not addressed the rumoursAnerkennung: Instagram