Aldi is selling a £50 Air Fryer but you’ll need to be fast if you want one

ALDI’S latest Specialbuys are great if you’re looking for an extra helping hand in the kitchen.

Aldi are selling a Salter Air Fryer for under £50, and it’s a deal not to be missed.

Aldi's Salter Air Fryer is a kitchen must-have

Aldi’s Salter Air Fryer is a kitchen must-have信用: 阿尔迪


The Salter Air Fryer can hold 4.5 litres, and retails for just £49.99 both online and in store.

  • Salter 4.5L Air Fryer, £49.99, 阿尔迪 – 在这里买

You don’t have to be a Masterchef contestant, or skilled chef by any means, but as you can cut potatoes you can have your own crisps at the touch of a button thanks to the pre-programmed settings.

Plus they are a healthier alternative to cook your food, as it uses minimal, or no oil, whatsoever.

It’s available to buy now from, but don’t hang around as we’re expecting these to be a hit with shoppers.

The clever design has a 4.5 litre capacity, a removable non-stick cooking basket, and is serviced by 1500W power.

The non stick cooking basket is a god sent as it stops your food from stickinghence the namebut also makes for easy serving and cleaning.

This model features an LCD display, as well as digital control panel, to control your cooking, plus there is an automatic shut off too.

What we love in particular about this creation is there are six programmes to cook chips, meat, as well as baking goods.

But you can also adjust the time and temperature to suit your needs and taste preferences.

Salter creations are reliable designs, in our opinion, but just in case there is a 3.5 year warranty.

This is great deal but make sure you shop around, as prices may be cheaper elsewhere.


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