Alison Hammond looks slimmer than ever in glam backstage pic from This Morning

ALISON Hammond has been spotted looking slimmer than ever in a glamorous backstage picture from This Morning.

The presenter struck a series of poses for the camera as she sat on the sofa of the ITV setwearing a matching blue two-piece set.

Alison looked glam in the new Instagram snaps

Alison looked glam in the new Instagram snaps信用: Instagram的
She showed off her figure in the matching blue two-piece set

She showed off her figure in the matching blue two-piece set信用: Instagram的

艾莉森(Alison), 47, who has been showing off the incredible results of her recent weight loss, looked glowing in the Instagram stories posts.

She paired her matching blue outfit with a multi-coloured jacket, as she opted for a straightened hair do and glamorous makeup.

Alison sported false eyelashes and a nude lip gloss, finishing her look with gold hoop earrings and a silver watch.

She smiled wide for the two snaps from behind-the-scenes of 今天早上, which she presented alongside 德莫特·奥利里.


今天早上的艾莉森哈蒙德 & 德莫特·奥利里 (Dermot O'Leary) 对客人的爆料大吃一惊


今天早上的艾莉森哈蒙德 & 德莫特·奥利里 (Dermot O'Leary) 对客人的爆料大吃一惊

The two photos were posted by her makeup artist, before Alison reposted them to her own fans, 写作: “Happy Friday”.

在周五, Alison and her co-star Dermot were left gobsmacked after a man revealed he’s been held hostage in his home by a SEAGULL.

Martin Green from Devon opened up about the bizarre situation on the latest instalment of the ITV programme.

He recently tried to fix up his garden, but the bird has made it clear he’s not happy with him being outside.

Unfortunately the seagull has taken a disliking to Martin.


Love Island 宣布明年的两个新系列和一个全新的位置


Love Island 宣布明年的两个新系列和一个全新的位置

Martin told Alison and Dermot: “He doesn’t bother my wife in the slightest. But she is very sort of Yorkshire.

On one occasion he looked down and sort of fixed her as if he was about to launch himself and she just drew herself up to her full five feet tall, looked at the seagull and said ‘don’t you dare’.

The seagull gave an apologetic cheap, ruffled his feathers, and went back down again.

Alison and Dermot couldn’t contain their shockas fans at home took to social media to say they didn’t believe the story.

本周早些时候, Alison opened up about how she feels she still doesn’ttrustmen after growing up without a dad.

Her late dad Clifford, who split from mum Maria, was a drug-smuggler in 牙买加. It made Hammond strive to “be in charge” in relationships.

But she told Big Issue magazine she is trying to be “more trusting”.

The mum of one, 47, WHO revealed last week she is in a relationship, 说: “The fact I didn’t have my father in my life shaped the way it’s gone.

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“And it shaped the way I interact with men in relationships. I always want to be in charge. I don’t trust men because my dad wasn’t ever there.

“I’m working on that now in my forties. I’m more trusting.”