All about taking food into the Maldives

ON a flight you’re not allowed to carry liquid such as bottles of water, but you can carry food with you.

However, a country like the Maldives has some regulations on what food you can and cannot take into the country.

Can I take food to the Maldives?

You are free to take food to the Maldives.

If you want to carry some snacks such as crisps, cereals, nuts and any drinks that do not have any alcohol percentage in them, you are free to do so.

Most resorts in the Maldives offer international cuisine though, so you will surely find something that you like while there.

If you plan to save some money and try to cook something yourself, you can also carry some precooked rice or some pasta along with some condiments.

Airport security check. Young man holding passport and waiting for x-ray control his luggage.

Airport security check. Young man holding passport and waiting for x-ray control his luggage.Credit: Getty

What food can I not take to the Maldives?

The Maldives law indicated that the country is Islamic and so there are certain rules on what kind of food can be consumed.

You must make sure that when you are visiting, you do not offend their religion in any way.

Firstly, it is very disrespectful and secondly, the local police might take action against you.

That is why the only food that you CANNOT take into the Maldives is pork.

The Quran mentions that eating pork is prohibited – Haram – and so in a Muslim country, it is against the law for anyone to eat it.

How should I pack food for a flight?

Food on flights is becoming very expensive, so if you’re trying to save money, it is best to think ahead and carry some with you.

If you’re boarding a long flight, and have kids especially, it is best to do so.

Some airlines do give food, especially on long ones, but you still might want something to snack on in between meals.

If you’re packing sandwiches to take with you on a flight, you should seal them in plastic.

If you pack them in something which doesn’t make them visible such as foil, you might have to unpack them at security.

If you pack them in foil while showing the security, the foil might tear and then the sandwiches won’t be packed right for the flight, and they might spill.

You can also pack salads in reusable food containers.

That way, you won’t only be saving the planet, but you’ll make sure that no dressing whatsoever leaks.

The best foods to take on a plane are crunchy ones like crisps, carrots, celery, cereal and so on.

Some of them are pre-packed while you might have to pack the fruit and veggies yourself.

But if you pack them in a plastic bag, you’ll easily go through security and you won’t have the stress of them spilling out of your bag and messing it up.

There are some foods that we recommend you avoid packing for a flight.

Bananas or avocados can easily smash and make a mess while crackers can leave a lot of crumbs behind.

Food like tuna or cheese may give a certain smell out, which might annoy the passengers on your flight.

Remember that you are high up in a closed plane with no way out for a long period probably, all sharing the same air, so try to keep it clean.