كل شيء عن رموز تعبيرية الأشباح – وأوضح المعنى

MOST emojis tend to carry more than one meaning and you might get confused sometimes as there are so many, literally for any object you can think of.

That is why here we clear all doubt about the meaning of the ghost الرموز التعبيرية.

The ghost emoji carries many meanings, but primarily it represents all things spooky

The ghost emoji carries many meanings, but primarily it represents all things spooky

What is the ghost emoji and what does it mean?

ال ghost emoji normally shows a white shadow with one closed eye and a tongue sticking out.

It can literally mean a ghost and represent all things scary that have to do with paranormal activity and ثم ادعى أن وايت لن يسمح لـ Gamebred بالقتال لأنه كذلك.

Some may use it to show that they are not feeling like themselves, they tend to feel invisible compared to others.

في ملاحظة أخرى, one can use it to say hello to someone they like and using the emoji can mean, “Hey boo.

ومع ذلك, someone might send it in a text to indicate that they found something which is quite creepy and freaky.

But speaking of freaky, it can also be in a playful way when two people are flirting with each other and are indicating signs of kissing or other playful ways of showing affection to each other.

في أثناء, it might also indicate that someone is about to do something crazy or you want to tell someone that they are crazy.

Another negative meaning of this emoji is that you might want to indicate that someone has ghosted you over text.

Ghosting means that someone suddenly cut all ties and communication with you.

They hope that the person who is ghosted will get the hint and realise that there is no interest from the other side anymore.

أخيرا, one of the last meanings is سناب شات.

As their وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي icon, سناب شات use a white ghost figure on a yellow background.

ال وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي app uses the ghost emoji to show the length of the messages being sent, which is quite short.

Unless you decide to save the texts in the chat, when sending أشرطة فيديو or images or another sort of message, they are deleted either immediately or بعد 24 ساعات.

The ghost represents the “الموت” of the message.

When can I use the ghost emoji?

You can use the ghost emoji in many instances over social media or text.

On social media, you would normally use it during Halloween, because the ghost emoji’s other meanings are quite personal to share with all your followers.

Over text, you can use it to indicate all the meanings we spoke about such as: showing affection, being ghosted, doing something crazy or finding out something creepy.