Amanda Holden révèle une blessure après avoir glissé sur NAKED alors qu'elle courait vers le bain à remous

AMANDA Holden has revealed she sustained a nasty injury after slipping over NAKED while running to get into her garden hot tub.

The Heart Breakfast radio presenter opened up about her horror fall as she fell on black ice, leaving her with alovely bruise” sur elle “elbow and bum”.

Amanda told Heart Breakfast listeners about her nasty injury

Amanda told Heart Breakfast listeners about her nasty injuryCrédit: HEART
The star said she slipped and fell as she ran to get in her hot tub

The star said she slipped and fell as she ran to get in her hot tubCrédit: @noholdenback/noholdenback

Amanda, 50, opened up on her radio show alongside co-host Jamie Theakston about the injury which she sustained at home.

We’re lucky enough to have a hot tub in our garden and my husband walks down in his dressing gown,” she detailed live on air on Thursday morning.

I always think, 'Oh, I’m not going to bother with that, I’ll just run down there naked and I’ll run back inbecause mine is not a towel dressing gown.

You know I like being naked, but I don’t have a towelling dressing gown. I’ve got a fluffy one, so when you get out of a hot tub, it’s squidgy inside.

Amanda went on to detail how she startedrunning across the patioto get to the outdoor tub when shedid not see there was black ice”.

I slipped right on my bum,” she went on to tell Jamie. “I mean luckily I had my hands up. I landed, right on my bum and elbow, and I’ve got a lovely bruise!

It was right on the fleshy part of my bum, that’s why god invented bums isn’t it, because they are like the cushions you can fall over, when you’re 50 and fall.

She joked that she was starting to feel like aproper old person” avec “all her ailmentsafter she was left inso much pain down one leg”.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge jokingly suggested that itcould be the cold weatheras she tried to excuse why she was in so much pain.

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It comes as Amanda spilled the beans on Simon Cowell’s engagement plus tôt cette semaine, tipping the couple to tie the knot in Barbados.

She detailed how she had found out about the proposal through a message that simply told herit’s happening”.

The Sun exclusively revealed that The X Factor judge Simon, 62, had secretly got down on one knee to girlfriend Lauren, 44, on holiday in Barbados.

Speaking on her Heart radio, the actress shared her excitement as shenever thoughtthe day would come.

Simon said he would never get married, and obviously Lauren has been by his side and you know they’ve been through so much together,” dit-elle.

I think she’s the one, but I don’t know if she ever thought he would put a ring on it. Then last night, we all got the text saying ‘It’s happening’.

We couldn’t believe it and I knew it would be in the papers today if we got the test last night. So I was like, ‘Oh my goodness’.

Without giving away too many details, Amanda went on to reveal she was confident the wedding would happen this year.

I would love to think so,” elle a ajouté. “I’m messaging them as we speak going, ‘Do I need to book flights to Barbados, I want to get in there before prices go up’.

I’ve got to book time off workI’ve got to get a hat! I’m thinking, who’s going to look after the kids? Are the kids invited? Now come on!”

Simon Cowell will marry Lauren Silverman in Barbados says ‘shocked’ Amanda Holden, who received news by text