Il nuovo fantastico trucco fotografico per iPhone diventa virale ed è così facile da imparare

A CLEVER new iPhone trick is going viral – and it’s really simple to do.

It works using a popular new iPhone hack in the Photos app.

You can paste iOS 16 photo cutouts straight into Instagram Stories

You can paste iOS 16 photo cutouts straight into Instagram StoriesCredito: Mela / Tic toc / @howfinity

One of the new features in the latest iOS update lets you isolate the subject of an i phone foto, pull it out and even send it to pals.

It’s a fun way to create your own little icons or stickers.

But there’s a very fun extension of this iOS 16 trick that was shared by Tic toc tech whiz @howfinity.

The clip has already earned thousands of likes in just a few days.

The new feature works using Apple’s Visual Look Up, which uses machine learning to analyse images.

Visual Look Up takes photos further by introducing a new feature that allows users to tap and hold on the subject of an image to lift it from the background,” disse Mela.

And place it in apps like Messages.

Visual Look Up also expands to recognise birds, insects, and statues.

Primo, tap and hold on an image with a subject for about a second.

Once you let go, the subject will have a glowing border, and you should see the option to press Copy.

You probably already know that you can share this cut-out image in an iMessage.

But it’s also possible to use the cut-out in an Instagram Story simply by pasting it across.

It’s a brilliant way to liven up your Instagram Stories – maybe you can include a cut-out of a cat, cane, or your own body.

Of course the feature won’t work until you install iOS 16.

To check if you’ve got it, go to Settings > Generale > Software Update.

iOS 16 supported devices

Purtroppo, many iPhones simply can’t upgrade to iOS 16.

Here’s a list of all the iOS 16 supported devices:

  • i phone 14
  • i phone 14 Più
  • i phone 14 Pro
  • i phone 14 Pro Max
  • i phone 13
  • i phone 13 mini
  • i phone 13 Pro
  • i phone 13 Pro Max
  • i phone 12
  • i phone 12 mini
  • i phone 12 Pro
  • i phone 12 Pro Max
  • i phone 11
  • i phone 11 Pro
  • i phone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • i phone 8
  • i phone 8 Più
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

If you don’t know which iPhone model you have, you can check by going into Settings > Generale > About and looking at Model Name.

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And you can see if you can get (or already have) iOS 16 by going to Settings > Generale > Software Update.

Sadly some iOS 16 features might not work on your device, even if you can get the new update. Here’s a list of model-dependent iOS 16 features.

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