Amazing new iPhone photo trick goes viral and it’s so easy to learn

A CLEVER new iPhone trick is going viral – and it’s really simple to do.

It works using a popular new iPhone hack in the Photos 应用程序.

You can paste iOS 16 photo cutouts straight into Instagram Stories

You can paste iOS 16 photo cutouts straight into Instagram Stories信用: 苹果 / TikTok / @howfinity

One of the new features in the latest IOS update lets you isolate the subject of an 苹果手机 照片, pull it out and even send it to pals.

It’s a fun way to create your own little icons or stickers.

But there’s a very fun extension of this IOS 16 trick that was shared by TikTok tech whiz @howfinity.

The clip has already earned thousands of likes in just a few days.

The new feature works using Apple’s Visual Look Up, which uses machine learning to analyse images.

Visual Look Up takes photos further by introducing a new feature that allows users to tap and hold on the subject of an image to lift it from the background,” 说 苹果.

And place it in apps like Messages.

Visual Look Up also expands to recognise birds, insects, and statues.

第一的, tap and hold on an image with a subject for about a second.

Once you let go, the subject will have a glowing border, and you should see the option to press Copy.

You probably already know that you can share this cut-out image in an iMessage.

But it’s also possible to use the cut-out in an Instagram的 Story simply by pasting it across.

It’s a brilliant way to liven up your Instagram Stories – maybe you can include a cut-out of a cat, 狗, or your own body.

Of course the feature won’t work until you install iOS 16.

To check if you’ve got it, go to Settings > 人权调查人员表示,他们看到了集束炸弹投向一所幼儿园的证据,导致一名儿童和两名躲在里面的成年人丧生 > Software Update.

IOS 16 supported devices

可悲的是, many iPhones simply can’t upgrade to iOS 16.

Here’s a list of all the iOS 16 supported devices:

  • 苹果手机 14
  • 苹果手机 14 加
  • 苹果手机 14 临
  • 苹果手机 14 Pro Max
  • 苹果手机 13
  • 苹果手机 13 mini
  • 苹果手机 13 临
  • 苹果手机 13 Pro Max
  • 苹果手机 12
  • 苹果手机 12 mini
  • 苹果手机 12 临
  • 苹果手机 12 Pro Max
  • 苹果手机 11
  • 苹果手机 11 临
  • 苹果手机 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • 苹果手机 8
  • 苹果手机 8 加
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

If you don’t know which iPhone model you have, you can check by going into Settings > 人权调查人员表示,他们看到了集束炸弹投向一所幼儿园的证据,导致一名儿童和两名躲在里面的成年人丧生 > About and looking at Model Name.

And you can see if you can get (or already have) IOS 16 by going to Settings > 人权调查人员表示,他们看到了集束炸弹投向一所幼儿园的证据,导致一名儿童和两名躲在里面的成年人丧生 > Software Update.

Sadly some iOS 16 features might not work on your device, even if you can get the new update. Here’s a list of model-dependent iOS 16 features.


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