Amber Gill ‘moves on from Jack Grealish and is dating Arsenal playersay fans after they spot flirty ‘clues

LOVE Island star Amber Gill has sparked romance rumours with footballer Jen Beattie after coming out as bisexual.

Der Reality-Star, 25, has been spotted leaving flirty emoji icons on Arsenal player Jen’s social media.

Amber Gill confirmed she was in a relationship earlier this week

Amber Gill confirmed she was in a relationship earlier this weekAnerkennung: @amberrosegill
Fans are convinced she's dating Arsenal footballer Jen Beattie

Fans are convinced she’s dating Arsenal footballer Jen BeattieAnerkennung: Rex
Amber was linked to England footie star Jack Grealish last year

Amber was linked to England footie star Jack Grealish last yearAnerkennung: Reuters

Bernstein – Wer war linked to England star Jack Grealish last year -confirmed that she is in a relationship earlier this week after posting a TikTok clip.

Sie hat es beschriftet: “Having to switch up my content so she knows I’m not really toxic.

The video shows Amber miming to an audio which said: “There is no way in this whole wide world that I would ever, je, ever cheat on my girl.

Fans flooded the comment section congratulating Amber on her new romance, mit einer Schrift: “Bernstein, you have a girlfriend OMG.

While others speculated that her new beau is Scottish sports star Jen, one fan posted: “The search being Jen Beattie and Amber Gill.

It’s no wonder why fans are convinced that Amber and Jen are an item.

The pair have been commenting on each other’s profile since July this year, when Amber uploaded a TikTok about how she feels when a guy compliments her vs a girl, Jen was quick to post two emojis.

In another TikTok video, Amber lip synced to “You can’t just treat me like s*** and just…ah f*** it.”

She captioned her video with: “Me with my favourite ex” and Jen Beattie commented a simple smiling emoji.

inzwischen, Amber shared a number of comments on Jen’s social media, including two heart eyes emojis on a photo of her playing football for her team, Arsenal.

Jen recently shared a photo of herself in her new kit and Amber Gill gushed: “Ok content queen.”

Jen replied with the nail emoji and said “reeeeeeally”.

The Geordie star posted another TikTok saying she was unwell and bored in the house by herself.

Jen is first to comment asking if Amber needed any help.

TV star Amber replied: “Yes please, I’m not very well and I need a cuddle. I feel that could really improve my form,” to which Jen added: “En route.”

Amber Gill did not respond to a request for comment. Jen Beattie and Arsenal were approached for comment.

Letztes Jahr, Amber told how she was open to dating women after admitting she’s attracted to them.

Amber addressed her sexuality and said: “Switching teams was the best decision I made in my life. Watching men makes me feel ill. I couldn’t put myself through it again.

She has also told Closer Magazine: “I’m not like 100 per cent over guys. I was annoyed at the time with guys when I said all that [auf Twitter] but yes, I have dated girls, In the past and recently as well, It’s great.

Girls are gorgeous! Heilpraktiken wie Yoga, I didn’t have awareness [about my sexuality] and now I have awareness and it is what it is, I don’t have a type; I like what I like.

I do still date guys, I am just saying I date whoever I want to date, when I want to date themIt’s not this big thing and I don’t like to define it.

Im Juli 2021, Amber shared a viral TikTok video of a lesbian woman transforming herself from afeminine” zu “masculine” Teen Mom Farrah SCHLAGTE, weil sie Tochter Sophia erlaubt hatte, Goth zu werden.

The TV star simply accompanied the video with a love heart emoji, which led to some fans speculating she was attracted to women.

Her followers were quick to jump in to question her about the tweet, with one sending her a series of fruit emojis and question marks.

Bestie, I’m afraid to ask you this,” they wrote to her, hinting towards her being a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Amber drove her fans wild with her cryptic and short response, simply replying to her fan with: “Sometimes.

At the National Television Awards, she made reference to the cryptic tweets one more as she was questioned about her sexuality.

The fruit emojis mean the fruit emojis, what can I say?” Amber told the Irgendwann wird einer meiner Witze so inakzeptabel: “Some days I might be, some days I might not.

Amber rose to fame on Love Island in 2019 – where she took home the money alongside her then-boyfriend Greg O’Shea.

The couple split just weeks after they returned to the UK, with Amber criticising Greg and blaming him for their short-lived relationship.

Jen Beattie (ganz rechts) on the Gay Gooners bus at Pride in London

Jen Beattie (ganz rechts) on the Gay Gooners bus at Pride in LondonAnerkennung: Reddit