American Expressアプリがダウンし、顧客がアカウントにアクセスできなくなる

HUNDREDS of American Express customers have reported issues accessing their accounts.

Furious Amex users have said they can’t login on the app or online.

The tech problems with American Express appear not to be limited to one location

The tech problems with American Express appear not to be limited to one location

Hundreds of people have reported tech issues with the credit card company according to ダウンディテクタ 土曜日の朝 (六月 25).

One put-out customer tweeted: “the app and portal online is down. Any updates on fix?”

別の不満: “is the Amex UK app down? I can’t log in.

そして3分の1が言った: “hi, is your app down? I can’t log in with my face recognition nor with my password.

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The issue appears to have started at around 10am this morning and is not limited to one location.

Amex users in London, Manchester and Belfast are among those who are experiencing issues.

It’s not clear yet if the issue is affecting card payments, but the majority of reports cite app issues, with a smaller number also experiencing online access issues.


制服助成金 2022: 最大£200を請求する方法と対象者


制服助成金 2022: 最大£200を請求する方法と対象者

Can I get compensation for a credit card outage?

Unlike telecoms firms, banks そして クレジットカード providers are not obliged to automatically issue compensation if they have an outage or technical problems.

You are entitled to make a complaint if you believe you have been left out of pocket because of the issues though.

例えば, if you have incurred a penalty fee because you were unable to make a payment, or have gone overdrawn because you didn’t receive money you were supposed to.

Each provider has its own complaints procedure, so it’s best to start there.

American Express says you should provide your name, phone number and account details as well as any relevant documentation when making a complaint.

You can find out where to direct your complaint using a table on its complaints page.

The firm said it aims to resolve complaints within three business days, and will confirm the outcome in writing.

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