American Idol fans ‘worriedfor Ryan Seacrest during tonight’s finale

AMERICAN Idol fans areworriedfor Ryan Seacrest.

The host displayedconcerningbehavior on May 22nd’s season finale.

Dozens of American Idol fans tweeted they were 'worried' about host Ryan Seacrest during Sunday's finale

Dozens of American Idol fans tweeted they were ‘worriedabout host Ryan Seacrest during Sunday’s finaleCrédito: abc
Some sadly said his 'eye' appeared to be twitching and were overall 'concerned' for him

Some sadly said his ‘eyeappeared to be twitching and were overall ‘concerned’ para eleCrédito: abc

Season 22’s finale of American Idol kicked off on May 22, 2022, no ABC.

American Idol’s judges are the recent trio audiences have come to know and love: Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, e Katy Perry.

Mas Ryan Seacrest has fronted the show since its inception in 2002, and during the three-hour event on Sunday some fans wereworried” para ele.

Ryan displayedconcerningbehavior multiple times as the singers competed and the show progressed; na verdade, fans couldn’t stop noticing what was happening.

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It sadly seemed that Ryan’s eye was twitching and drooping multiple times during the big broadcast, de acordo com os fãs.

Wearing a blue blazer with his hair slicked back, he also appeared to say some words inscrutably and wave his hands around at points.


One somewhat harshly chimed in, “Am I the only one noticing Ryan Seacrest’s eye again? What’s happening?”

Contudo, outro escreveu: “What’s going on with Ryan Seacrest’s eye?? #AmericanIdol

A third Twitter user noticed, “The way we’re all worried about Ryan’s eye instead of the finale is telling.

As a fourth penned, “Is @RyanSeacrest having eye issues again?”

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The finale was three hours long and narrowed down to the top two cantores – Noah Thompson, e HunterGirl.

Leah Marlene was eliminated after the first half of the finale.

Fritz Hager and Nicolina were sent home last week following some amazing performances.

The finalists have performed original songs in tonight’s finale, but last week they sang songs by Carrie Underwood.


Como com seu marido agora afastado compartilhou que ela estava ouvindo last November, Ryan’s friends nearly forced him to go to Mexico with his girlfriend Audrey Paige, 25.

They felt he needed abreatherfrom working so hard.

He’s been go-go-go for 20 years now and he is almost 50…a source close told The Sun.

“We thought he would have slowed down and settled down by now. But that hasn’t been the case. He’s only gotten busier so everyone is worried about him and has been for years.

“He works hard and works nonstop… he will often skip solid meals and drink a green juice as a supplement so he doesn’t ‘waste timeby sitting down and eating.

A month after that Mexico getaway, in which Ryan was photographed still taking calls – CONHECIDO por sua influência na indústria da música caused commotion when he seemed to switch to a broth-based diet.

Ryan took to Twitter in late December to share a photo of hisPost Christmas diet,” as he captioned the post.

It featured three bottles on a table. They were labelledfirst meal,” “second meal,” e “third meal” respectivamente, and under that they were each labelled a different type of broth.

I hope this is a joke,” um respondeu.


During a 2020 episode of ídolo americano, fans were left concerned for Ryan’s health after a segment saw the host slur his speech and appear unable to focus properly.

His right eye also appeared to be drooping similarly.

Following the health scare, Ryan reportedly considered a permanent move back to Los Angeles.

“He has nothing against New York, but he feels that he was healthier in Los Angeles,” a source told Closer Weekly no momento.

“Ryan admitted he’s been exhausted since his health scare in mid-May. Ryan knows the show needs the hosts in the same roombut right now, he’s dreading the thought of not living in California.

Afterward, reps for the host released the following statement: “Ryan did not have any kind of stroke last night.

Speaking to People magazine, the rep added: “Between LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, ídolo americano, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and the Disney Family Singalong specials, he has been juggling three to four on-air jobs over the last few weeks and he’s in need of rest.

Often dubbed thehardest working person in Hollywood,” the American Idol host has never been married and doesn’t have children.

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