American Pickers fans rip Mike Wolfe for ‘letting fame get to his head’

AMERICAN Pickers fans have ripped Mike Wolfe forletting fame get to his headafter Frank Fritz was fired from the show amid their feud.

Sides have been chosen between Frank, 55, 和 麦克风, 57, during their ongoing feud, as viewers threatened to stop watching 美国采摘者.

American Pickers fans are accusing Mike Wolfe of 'letting fame get to his head' after Frank Fritz's firing

American Pickers fans are accusing Mike Wolfe of ‘letting fame get to his headafter Frank Fritz’s firing信用: 盖蒂
Frank is also feuding with his longtime friend and costar

Frank is also feuding with his longtime friend and costar信用: Coleman-Rayner

One person claimed on Facebook: “I think fame has gone to Mike’s head. He divorced his wife and I read an article where Frank said Mike hasn’t spoken to him in months, despite Frank’s illness.

Too bad but I guess that’s the way it goes. What a shame.

Another person wrote: “Mike got a little too big for his britches, Frank was a great part of the show and it won’t be the same.

A third person pointed out: “Mike is simply too greedy to share with Frank anymore. He is mister ‘look at me I’m so cool.

It’s crappy how they are treating Frank.

A fan chimed in: “You should stand up for your childhood friend and make sure he is on the show where he belongs.

Your brother is not Frank. Bring back Frank.

A commentator added: “Sad! No explanation from anyone. Just gone. I will not watch the show again.

If you can’t be upfront with us, I’m done!!!”


上个星期, 麦克风 confirmed Frank’s exit from the show 在社交媒体上.

He captioned a photo of the cast: “I have known Frank for as long as I can remember, he’s been like a brother to me.

The journey that Frank, Dani, and I started back in 2009, like all of life, has come with its highs and lows, blessings and challenges, but it has also been the most rewarding.

Mike concluded: “I will miss Frank, just like all of you, and I pray for the very best and all good things for him on the next part of his journey.”


Frank, who had a nasty split with his fiancee Diann Bankson, told the Sun about his side of the feud with Mike.

他说: “I haven’t talked to Mike in two years. He knew my back was messed up, but he didn’t call me up and ask how I was doing. That’s just how it is.

Frank added: “That’s fine. It’s like you’ve got Aerosmith and there’s Steven Tyler and he’s the front man. I found my spot, I’m second and he’s number one on the show.

That’s no problem with me, maybe he does have a problem.”

Frank left the History show in order to recover from a grueling back surgery, which left him with about 185 stitches and two rods in his spine.

After his last episode aired on March 2020, Frank lost 65 磅 during his time off the show as he lived healthier by becoming sober from alcohol.

Frank told The Sun he would like to return to American Pickers andget back to my jobthat he appeared in since 2010.

Fans slammed Mike for being 'simply too greedy'

Fans slammed Mike for being ‘simply too greedy信用: Mike Wolfe/Instagram
Frank claimed Mike 'does have a problem'

Frank claimed Mike ‘does have a problem信用: Cineflix International Media Limited
Frank's last episode was in March 2020

Frank’s last episode was in March 2020信用: Zachary Maxwell Stertz/History

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