raccoglitori americani’ Mike & girlfriend Leticia spend day at Harley Davidson museum

AMERICAN PickersMike Wolfe and his girlfriend Leticia Cline spent the day at the Harley Davidson museum as she honored her late father.

Mike, 57, and Leticia, 42, shared their tour of the famous motorcycles on Instagram.

Leticia Cline sat on a Harley Davidson bike

Leticia Cline sat on a Harley Davidson bikeCredito: Instagram
Mike Wole and Leticia Cline pictured together

Mike Wole and Leticia Cline pictured togetherCredito: Instagram

Nel Storia di Instagram, il raccoglitori americani star was pictured as he gazed at a vintage model.

La didascalia dichiarata: “Thank you again.

In un black and white snap, Mike took a closer look at another motorcycle.

The couple then shared a snapshot together as they stood under the Harley Davidson logo.

Leticia shared a throwback snap with her father when she was a toddler.

Nella foto, Leticia’s father was sitting on a Harley Davidson bike.

The Playboy model revealed that the Harley Davidson museum opened about one month after her late father had passed away.

Leticia mentioned that shewished he was still here to see.

Lei scrisse: “It’s those things that make you realize death to it’s fullest, knowing that the person you love will never get to know something they should be still here for.

The Maxim model added: “I would trade so many memories I have of my dad to be able to just have him there with me to experience how all the things he taught me was worth it and that I did so much to make him proud.


Ritorno ad agosto, the couple had gone public with their romance.

The two went on a romantic trip to his hometown of Le Claire, Iowa. which was pictured Jessa e Jill si sono fatte avanti pubblicamente per rivelare di essere tra le presunte vittime.

Leticia posted videos to her Instagram Story of vintage bikes, motorcycles, segni, cans, and more finds.

Mike’s voice could be heard in the background as he explained how his hand was injured from a dog bite.

Il new romance came after Mike’s ex Jodi filed for divorce from him a novembre 2020 after about 10 anni di matrimonio.

The former partners share their nine-year-old daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe.


Mike’s romance with Leticia came after his co-star Frank Fritz, 57, was fired from the History Channel show.

Frank last appeared on the History show during a March 2020 episodio, as he took time off to recuperare da un intervento chirurgico alla schiena, che lo ha lasciato con 185 punti e due verghe nella spina dorsale.

Durante il suo tempo libero dallo spettacolo, Frank ha perso 65 libbre, as he started living a healthier lifestyle and is sober from alcohol.

Ha detto a The Sun che... è entrato in riabilitazione per dipendenza da alcol in Iowa per 77 giorni ed è 11 mesi da sobrio.

Though Frank ha espresso il desiderio di tornare to the History show, Mike revealed his co-host had been fired from the show on Instagram back in July.

Mike Wolfe stared at a Harley Davidson bike

Mike Wolfe stared at a Harley Davidson bike
Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe pictured together

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe pictured togetherCredito: Zachary Maxwell Stertz/Storia
Mike Wolfe took Leticia Cline to his hometown

Mike Wolfe took Leticia Cline to his hometownCredito: Coleman-Rayner

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