Among Us は、The Game Awards で本日ローンチする新しいモードを発表します

AMONG Us has announced a new game mode that will shake up how fans play the social game.

Traditionally a group of people play together and are randomly assigned the role of crewmate or imposters.

At least you know who the imposter is this time.

At least you know who the imposter is this time.クレジット: InnerSloth

It is the crewmates’ job to complete tasks around the ship, while it is the imposters’ task to take out other players and avoid detection.

After every murder, players discuss together who they think the murderer might be and choose to eject them from the ship.

しかしながら, the new Hide ‘n’ Seek game mode hopes to shake up how the game is played.

This time the imposter is known to all members on the ship, and is given a new terrifying look.

Crewmates will still have to complete tasks set for them around the ship, while the imposter is chasing them down.

There will be a number of hiding spots in each room, where crewmates can sit still in if they think the imposter is nearby.

This removes the more social aspect to the game, but brings long-time fans of the game a new way to play.

There was another 私たちの間で-related announcement shown at ゲーム賞.

Daniel Craig announced at award show, that a scene paying homage to the popular game would feature one of his films.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery released at the end of November and is currently still in cinemas.

To celebrate the scene being featured in the film, a new costume is being added to Among Us, based on the costume Daniel Craig’s character wears in the film.

Most surprising about the new game mode is that it will be released today (12月 9).

Those who want to play the new game mode will just have to update the game on their preferred platform.

Among Us is free-to-play on all platforms, and the new mode is also free to try out.

The Game Awards is known for having a huge number of announcements for upcoming games.

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