Angry note left on police car slamming parking while officer was being assaulted

A FURIOUS resident left an angry note on a police car slamming the way it was parkedeven though the officer was busy chasing thugs and being assaulted.

The courageous Lymington, Hampshire, returned to the vehicle after a dramatic foot chase of thugs accused of assaulting a staff member at the local pub.

An anonymous resident left a fuming note on the police car's windscreen

An anonymous resident left a fuming note on the police car’s windscreen信用: Lymington and New Milton Cops
The brave officer chased the two men on foot down Bridge Road

The brave officer chased the two men on foot down Bridge Road信用: 谷歌

The two men escaped from the larger group and were pursued on foot by the single officer.

But they assaulted him on Bridge Road as he tried to make the arrest.

幸运的是, nearby colleagues and a dog unit managed to get the fugitives detained.

In all the commotion, the officer had left his vehicle in a side street in order to make chase.

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Understandably, parking was the least of his concernsbut it nonetheless managed to rattle one of the locals.

Someone had left what appears to be a piece of kitchen paper towel on the police car’s windscreen.

In scribbled capitals, 它读了: “Seriously? What’s with the parking guys??? Ask yourselves!!!!”

A spokesman for Lymington and New Milton police 说: “Late last night officers from the Waterside team assisted our response colleagues in arresting two males following an assault in a #Lymington pub on staff members.


克里·卡托纳(Kerry Katona)与长相相似的女儿和粉丝们都说同样的话

double trouble

克里·卡托纳(Kerry Katona)与长相相似的女儿和粉丝们都说同样的话

The two males, who had split from a larger group, had fled from officers and were located on Bridge Road by a single crewed officer who pursued them on foot to arrest them.

Neither male complied and the officer was assaulted whilst making efforts to detain them.

Both males were arrested a short while later on suspicion of assault and assault police with the assistance of nearby response officers and a dog unit. 幸运的是, the officer was not injured.

The officer had parked his vehicle in a side street off Bridge Road in order to chase the suspects.

After returning to his vehicle, having pursued the offenders, arrested them and having been assaulted he located the attached note on his car.

We appreciate parking is a common issue however officers often have to make decisions in the heat of moment and we cannot always explain to residents what is happening and the reasons for our actions.

I hope the angered resident can understand the reason for having to leave the vehicle where it was.

Both males remain in custody at this time and enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with any information about this incident can contact us on 101, or online, quoting reference 44220253635

The moody message comes after a paramedic discovered a vile note on their ambulance windscreen as they attended an emergency in April.

The life-saving medic had parked the ambulance in amostly emptycarpark as they rushed to a home in Southampton where a patient was struggling to breathe.

But due to the size of vehicle, the ambulance was forced to take up two of the dozens of empty spaces in the car park.

Once the patient had been treated and stabilised, 这 ambulance crew returned to their vehicle and to their horror found a handwritten note.

它读: “You wouldn’t appreciate being blocked in so please think about blocking residents’ parking spaces.

“There is a perfectly accessible pavement to the road out front.

“Failing that, actually park in a space not blocking the whole car park.”

And believe it or not this isn’t the first instance of life-saving paramedics getting slammed for their parking.

在 2018, a neighbour left paramedics a scalding note telling them to move their ambulance “现在” after they parked in her spot while responding to a 999 称呼.

The spiteful message read: “If this van is for anyone but No. 14 then you have no right to park here.

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Glastonbury moment goes viral as the 'queen' is 'spotted' in crowd

Is that you Ma’am?

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I couldn’t give a s*** if the whole street collapses. Now move your van from outside my house.

The woman who wrote the note has since been identified by The Sun as jobless 26-year-old Kirsty Sharmanwho doesn’t even own a car.


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