Ant McPartlin takes swipe at I’m A Celebrity’s Chris Moyles over his attitude

ANT McPartlin has taken a brutal swipe at I’m A Celebrity star Chris Moyles over his attitude on last night’s show.

The TV presenter poked fun at the former Radio One star as he and Owen Warner visited the trial clearing for a Bushtucker trial.

Ant made a swipe at Chris Moyles last night

Ant made a swipe at Chris Moyles last nightAnerkennung: Erotem
Chris and Owen only managed to get one star last night

Chris and Owen only managed to get one star last nightAnerkennung: Erotem

Ameise, 47, was seen mocking Chris, 48, for his negativity after he and Owen, 23, only managed to bag one star for their campmates.

Nach dem Savage Sorting Office trialChris reflected on his past two trials and his poor performance, with his one-star track record.

Ant confirmed as the trial came to an end: “One out of a possible six stars,” leaving Chris fuming: “Merely by the fact that I was just here.

Host Ant then took a brutal swipe, joking back: “You bring the one-star energy to the proceedings.

Letzter Nacht, Chris was seen struggling with Hollyoaks star Owen to win stars in the Savage Sorting Office trialgoing home with just one.

Chris reluctantly put his name forward for the trial on yesterday’s show, as the camp were allowed to choose who faced the trial.

The DJ opted for Owen to come with him in order to up his chances at winning stars, after flunking his previous trial.

Er sagte: “I’m tempted to pick Owen because of our amazing team work the other day. Und, no offence, we’re both the best looking dudes in here.”

When they arrived at the Bushtucker Trial, Ameise und Dec explained that they would have to sort through lots of mail to find the stars.

Ant said: “One of you will be suspended from the crane in this harness and need to rummage around through the post and find the stars. When you find a star you need to get it in the giant postbox there to win it.

The other celebrity will be operating the crane, but they will be blindfolded and they will receive electric shocks every 30 Sekunden. There are six stars to find.

Chris decided to be the person who was blindfolded and operating the lift, while Owen went in the swing to sort through the boxes.

The pair found the task very difficult and Owen only managed to get one of the stars into the postbox – sie wütend lassen.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share what they thought they should have doneand that involved picking completely different people.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Einer sagte: “They better let Matt Hancock do the next trial,” as another chimed in: “Matt would of got a full house on that trial!”

Vorher, Chris only managed one star when he took point in the Boiling Point Bushtucker Trial.

After failing in the trial, Chris became the sixth person to be evicted from the jungle last night ahead of this weekend’s final.

Chris was seen strugglign with last night's trial

Chris was seen strugglign with last night’s trialAnerkennung: Erotem