ASDA is selling a footlong pig in blanket as part of its Christmas range this year.

The huge pig in blanket makes the festive side dish the Christmas dinner centre piece.

Shoppers can pick it up now for £5 from their nearest Asda store

Shoppers can pick it up now for £5 from their nearest Asda store

It’s a footlong sausage, wrapped in oak-smoked dry cured bacon, and is available in the frozen aisle now.

Shoppers can pick it up for £5 from their nearest Asda store.

The supermarket has also added a second pigs in blankets dish to its Christmas 2021 menu.

The Extra Special pigs in blankets with red Leicester and sweet chilli fondue, combines sausages wrapped in bacon with a smooth cheese dip.

That’s also priced at £5 and can be bought in store now.

Gavin Warburton, senior director of meat, fish and poultry at Asda, 前記: “We know pigs and blankets are a firm favourite at Christmas time, so it’s a tough task to improve on such a solid fan favourite.

Our Extra Special Pig in Blanket Fondue adds an exciting and luxurious twist to a classic, and makes for a truly showstopping centrepiece.

Once again this year, our Extra Special Ultimate Pig in Blanket is also proving hugely popular – and it’s easy to see why! A footlong pig in blanket…what’s not to love?」

Asda revealed the rest of its Christmas menu all the way back in August, and it includes a candy cane sausage roll.

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