Compradores da Asda furiosos com supermercado fazendo grande mudança em item essencial para bebês

ASDA is facing a backlash after redesigning its nappieswhich parents say are causing leaks onto babies’ clothes.

The store, which sells more than 13 million packs of Little Angels nappies every year, said it had introduced “Quick Dry Technology” and new sizing after swapping suppliers.

ASDA parents were left disappointed with the change

ASDA parents were left disappointed with the changeCrédito: PA

It said this should allow liquid to be absorbed quicker and the sizes are closer to the most popular brands.

A blog post explaining the changes appeared on the company’s website today, following a backlash from parents on social media and Asda’s website.

One wrote on “What have Asda done to their Little Angels nappies !! Used to be great, now they are very poor quality and leak all the time, you certainly are going to lose a lot of customers.”

Outro adicionado: “We’ve been using these nappies for years and they were the best ones, even better than premium brands.

e eu pensei que talvez você pudesse dizer a Khloe por que você quer que todos nós estejamos disponíveis no próximo fim de semana.”

“Now they have changed and they are the worst nappies I’ve ever encountered.

“They smell and look like plastic, don’t have the elastic waistband that was their best feature, they feel thin and like they could rip at any timeand they leakbasically anything that can be bad in a nappythey got it!!

Another wrote on Twitter: “I just bought a few packs of size 5 for them to be tight and leak everywhere! It’s a joke. They’re clearly trying to cut costs by using cheaper materials.”

Asda recommends parents check the size on the front of the pack to ensure it is the best fit for their baby.

Um porta-voz disse: “We are always looking at new ways to improve the quality of our products and our new Little Angel nappies, which are now arriving in store, contain new features including Quick Dry technology to keep baby’s skin dry, and larger tabs to improve comfort and fit.

“We have also adjusted the sizing to be more similar to those used by the most popular nappy brands to make it easier for customers to understand which size they should buy for their child.”

This isn’t the first time parents have been cross at changes to supermarket baby products.

Em abril, Aldi customers were left furious after the supermarket increased the price of its baby wipes AND reduced the size of them.

The number of wipes went down from 64 per pack to just 60.

Not only that but parents also complained that the quality of baby wipes has decreased, saying they are no longer up to the task of cleaning dirty bottoms.

One customer complained: “The wipes are now dryer, thinner and a funny texture therefore making it hard to use on dirty little bums. Very disappointed.

Outro disse: “Please go back to the original baby wipes if I have to scrape baby poop from under my nails one more time I may cry.