agosto 30: Mientras el sol calienta tu lado amante de la diversión, brillas en eventos al aire libre


marzo 21 a abril 20

Extra downtime enhances a Mercury boost to your zone of teaming up and mucking in.

All of a sudden, you see the way through a maze of information, maybe over money.

Don’t rush any processes, as this logical side can develop over the next few weeks. But in love, Venus demands an instant decision.

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abril 21 a mayo 21

Despite the Bank Holiday, your career chart is switched on – for choosing new jobs and making the most of what you have.

So have another go at that task or role you had on pause. This time, you can make it count.

With an insightful money moon, you see the value in run-down addresses or objects.


Mayo 22 a junio 21

You have the imagination to step through a door you have long wanted to enter. If the results are unexpected, you will love the experience.

Your name is close to the top of a must-have list. Your personal moonscope is rich in passion, so don’t hold back. Love as your total, true self.


junio 22 to July 22

Saturn stirs up unexpected feelings about how you look and what you represent.

This can take a private message or thoughts into the public domain. The reaction turns back time in more than one way.

As the sun spices up conversation, love is between the lines of some comic or cheeky words.


mes de julio 23 to August 23

Friends gather round to offer so much support but you need to show you are open to it.

Closing off good connections is not the right move, whatever happened in the past.

If you want to make a big gesture in love, be sure it is for the right reasons and not just showing off. Lucky numbers add up to 44.


agosto 24 to September 22

Use any spare moments to work through tough cash choices, as Mercury is moving to your money-rich zone.

The positive energy of the sun helps you rise above petty concerns and stop taking things personally.

This is a high-achieving switch. In love, the ability to move on is key to agreeing a date.


septiembre 23 to October 23

As Mercury joins Venus in your sign, you enchant strangers and friends with your smart, fascinating words.

You also find ways to express hidden feelings – both your own and those of other people.

The moon walks on the wild side and your emotions surprise you, especially over an artistic Aquarius


octubre 24 a noviembre 22

Secret feelings can start to show through as Mercury checks they are returned and rewarded. This helps you grow as a lover and a listener.

If communication is not as it could or should be, make the change now. At home, Saturn’s steady nerve gets the family back on a property path.


noviembre 23 to December 21

The moon promotes togetherness, while the sun supports solo strength and success. sí, you can have both – but some adjustment may be called for.

Treat it like a gift, not a chore, and you will sail through. Cash choices over “P” might seem narrow but with some thought you can make them work.


diciembre 22 to January 20

The mind planet resets your success sector and with Venus already in situ, this makes for a surprising but satisfying day.

Maybe you think partners talk too much and do too little but this can change.

Be sure to accept your own part in making a new life or love situation work, sin embargo.


enero 21 a febrero 18

With the razor-sharp learning and talking skills of Mercury firmly in your chart again, you can revisit a class or course and nail it this time.

The key is accepting you can’t be perfect straight away, so give yourself time and space.

Answers to “S” questions you asked more than once are on their way.


febrero 19 Marchar 20

You are a zodiac chameleon, slotting effortlessly into vacant shoes at home and for work.

Waking up creative talents you allowed to switch off show you need to take yourself and your future seriously.

Amoroso, Venus and the moon create intimate chances with “M”, by moonlight or by candlelight.

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