Bebê se afoga após cair de cabeça em balde enquanto irmãos lutavam para salvá-lo

A BABY boy has drowned after falling into a bucket headfirst while his mum was out at a market, polícia diz.

Ryan Gabriel Moreira Vieira, quem era apenas 15 meses de idade, was left at home with his two brothers in El Salvador, Brasil, when he tripped, de acordo com as autoridades.

Little Ryan, 1, died after falling into a bucket of water

Little Ryan, 1, died after falling into a bucket of waterCrédito: Newsflash

It’s understood the tot fell headfirst into a bucket filled with water as his siblings battled to save him when they realised he was in trouble.

His brothers rushed to find a neighbour to help, but the youngster tragically died.

It is not known why the bucket had been left near the youngster, and it is unclear if it had been used for cleaning, or for him to play with.

Police are investigating the incident and are set to question little Ryan’s mum in the next few days.

It comes after a one-year-old girl drowned in a bucket of water in Maranhao in April.

The tot was with her dad and two others when she vanished from the room, cops said.

She was then found dead inside a bucket of water.

The same month, another one-year-old drowned in a bucket of water in Mato Grosso.

He was rescued and rushed to hospital, but sadly later died.

According to cops, the boy’s parents were having lunch when they noticed the backyard, where he was playing, had gone quiet.

They ran outside and realised that the child had drowned.