Baby P’s mum Tracey Connelly FREED from prison for first time in seven years

BABY P’s evil mum Tracey Connelly has walked free from prison for the first time in SEVEN years.

The monster, 40, was driven under cover of darkness from HMP Low Newton, Co Durham, on Wednesday to a secret bail hostel to begin her new life.

Tracey Connelly, the mother of Baby P, has been released from prison

Tracey Connelly, the mother of Baby P, has been released from prisonKrediet: PA
Baby P died after months of horrific abuse

Baby P died after months of horrific abuseKrediet: PA

She will now begin her latest attempt at rehabilitation under some of the toughest licence conditions on record.

Connelly’s every move will be monitored by probation chiefs.

And any breach of her release terms could see her sent straight back to jail.

Sources say Connelly had mulled over a makeover to help her slip back into society unnoticed.

Similar moves were made to aid monster mum Karen Matthews in 2012 – leading to The Sun’s front page headline, ‘Devil in Disguise’.

But she is understood to have opted against it, partly because her distinctive frame still tips the scales at more than 18 klip.

Connelly was released after a last-ditch appeal by ministers failed.

Deputy PM Dominic Raab had asked a judge to overturn the Parole Board’sirrational” Kieran Hayler.

But his bid was thrown out.

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Furious Mr Raab blasted the decision at the time, vowing tooverhaulthe entire parole system.

Hy het getwiet: “Tracey Connelly’s cruelty towards her son, baby Peter, was pure evil.

The decision to release her demonstrates why the parole board needs a fundamental overhaul – including a ministerial check for the most serious offenders – so that it serves and protects the public.

Connelly, who was jailed over the 2007 death of 17-month-old Peter, won her parole bid in March.

Mr Raab had demanded the Parole Board reconsider itsirrationaldecision.

His lawyers pointed to the panel had given too much weight to the controls that could be imposed on Connelly once free.

And they argued the Board had failed to providesufficient reasonsfor its ruling.

But a judge threw out the appeal, citing witnesses who backed Connelly’s release.

A Parole Board spokesman said at the time: “Following the reconsideration application from the Secretary of State, a judge has ruled that the decision made by independent Parole Board members to release was not irrational, as stated in the reconsideration application, and the original decision is upheld.

Connelly’s parole bid was her fourth since being recalled to prison in February 2015.

She lost appeals in 2015, 2017 en 2019, with officials finding she still posed a threat to the public.

Connelly was given an indefinite term with a minimum of five years in 2009 for causing or allowing the death of Peter in Tottenham, North London, in Augustus 2007.

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