Barcelona train crash leaves ‘150 injuredafter two carriages smash into each other in city centre

AT least 150 people have been injured after two trains collided in Barcelona, de acordo com relatórios.

One train smashed into the back of another at the Rodalies de Montcada and Reixac-Manresa station.

The two trains collided at 7.50 am this morning, de acordo com relatórios

The two trains collided at 7.50 am this morning, de acordo com relatórios

150 people are thought to have suffered minor injuries whilst three were taken to hospital.

The collision took place at around 7.50 am this morning as emergency services rushed to the scene.

The accident took place during rush hour with witnesses saying they felt a strong impact despite the trains travelling at low speed.

It is unclear if the driver suffered any injuries but most passengers are said to have been left ‘confusedby the crash.

It took an hour to get commuters off the trains despite 18 fire engines being dispatched, de acordo com relatórios.

One traveller to told news site RAC1: “The train was full and my carriage, which was the last, was completely full.

They let us all down. Now everyone is off the train, there are people taking trains back.

The crash has sparked severe delays and the train operator Renfe has said it will launch an investigation.


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