L'attrice di Batman Jean Hale è morta a 82 da "cause naturali"’ dopo 30 anni di carriera

JEAN Hale has passed away at age 82 of natural causes after starring in her final role in the 1991 TV movie Lies Before Kisses.

The actress had a 30-year career in television and movies and was writing her own script at the time of her death.

Jean Hale passed away on August 3rd, her family has revealed, a partire dal “natural causes.

The Utah native was best known for her role in Like Flint, un 1967 spy spoof where she played opposite James Coburn and Lee J Cobb.

The film star played Lisa, a character who tried to disrupt the patriarchy by brainwashing other women to help her in her efforts.

Jean’s career took off that same year when she was cast as Polly, the co-conspirator of the Mad Hatter, in several episodes of season two of ABC’s Batman.

Jean also starred in movie titles such as The St Valentine’s Day Massacre, The Oscar and Taggart.

Her television spots included appearances on Hogan’s Heroes, Perry Mason, Hawaii Five-O, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and Bonanza, among other series.

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