BBCがギャビンを発表 & Stacey スターが Strictly と契約し、ファンは混乱しています

STRICTLY Come Dancing fans were baffled when a BBC channel released an extra name for the 2022 シリーズ.

Some were left scratching their heads after a tweet announced that Nessa from ギャビン & ステイシー would be appearing on the dance show.

BBC Three announced Gavin & Stacey's Nessa as a surprise contestant

BBC Three announced Gavin & Stacey’s Nessa as a surprise contestantクレジット: BBC
The character, seen here with Joanna Paige's Stacey, is played by Ruth Jones

The character, seen here with Joanna Paige’s Stacey, is played by Ruth Jonesクレジット: PA:プレス協会

BBC Three posted: “✨ Oh! What’s occurring?” Nessa is bringing Barry Island to the ballroom as the 20th celebrity contestant confirmed for #Strictly 2022.

The post included a picture of the no-nonsense character, who is played by Ruth Jones in Gavin & ステイシー, against the 厳密に backdrop.

Some quickly clocked the post as a joke, but others took it at face value.

ある信者は書いた: “ああ、神様, can’t waitwhile another raved: “I mean that’s BLOODY AMAZING.

The account later admitted the tweet was a jokenot least because Nessa is a fictional character.

プラス, there are only 15 contestants on Strictly and they have already been announcedwith The Sun revealing the full line-up this morning.

1人のファンが答えた: “Cruel. Very cruel. ?.”

Ruth Joneswho co-created and wrote Gavin & Stacey with James Corden, tweeted emojis of a laughing face, dancing woman and a disco ball.