BBC Breakfast clash as Charlie Stayt shuts down Naga Munchetty for ‘playing dangerous games’

BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty clashed as he refused to play a “dangerous game” on Thursday’s instalment.

The presenting duo were discussing their top picks from today’s newspapers, with Charlie revealing a piece about deep sea sponges that “sneeze” to expel waste and keep themselves clean.

Charlie Stayt shut down Naga Munchetty's 'risky' request on Thursday's instalment

Charlie Stayt shut down Naga Munchetty’s ‘risky’ request on Thursday’s instalmentCredit: BBC
The journalist slammed Naga for playing 'dangerous games' live on-air

The journalist slammed Naga for playing ‘dangerous games’ live on-airCredit: BBC

After Charlie explained what the snippet was about, Naga revealed her favourite item from the papers – leaving her co-star looking less than amused.

“Talking about things taking longer in water, how long can you hold your breath for?” demanded Naga.

Looking unimpressed by Naga’s request, Charlie refused to entertain it and remained silent.

But Naga prompted him: “Just try from now, okay.”

Checking that the presenter was in on the challenge, she asked: “Are you holding it?”

“No,” responded Charlie, to which Naga moaned: “Ohhh come on, play the game.”

But Charlie was having none of it and fired back: “No, because it’s dangerous and risky.”

“It’s not dangerous,” insisted Naga.

Charlie refused: “It’s very very dangerous, I’ll look up the guidelines, there’s some guidelines about this.”

But a disappointed Naga fumed: “I imagine there will be.”

It comes after Naga stood up for herself after she was branded the “most annoying person on TV”.

The online troll tweeted: “Can I just say Naga. I cant explain why but I find you the most annoying person on TV.”

Naga appeared to be outraged by the comment and in retaliation, she shot back: “I just can’t understand why people don’t know how to use apostrophes William.”

She added: “Ho hum. We all have a cross to bear.”

Naga’s fans raced to defend the star, telling the keyboard warrior there was no need to “insult someone”.

A supporter of Naga wrote: “May I chime in that I don’t know you either, but you seem like an entirely likeable, witty, and really rather splendid person.”

Another posted: “Don’t forget question marks and commas. Also, I reckon a few exclamation marks would have added feeling to the statement.

“But can I just say Naga? Personally, I think you’re great!”

A third echoed: “The rest of us think the opposite. You are…. bright, warm, intelligent, witty, stunning.

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