Le migliori creme antirughe 2022: Come prevenire i segni dell'invecchiamento, ridurre le rughe e aumentare il collagene

THE best anti-wrinkle cream doesn’t have to be the most expensiveit just needs to be a product that works for you.

We explain what you should be looking for and round up some of the most popular products.

It’s much easier to prevent the ageing process than it is to reverse it, so it pays to look after your skin from day one.

Some of the everyday things you can do include using a face cream with an SPF of at least 30 and making sure your skin is hydrated with a moisturiser, day and night.

It also helps to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and get your full eight hours of sleep.

But while these little things can help, ageing is inevitable, which is where anti wrinkle creams come in.

They contain active ingredients that help to combat some of the signs of ageing from the outside, and help your skin recover.

With so many different ones on the market, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular options to get you started.


Olay Regenerist daily regenerating serum

Credito: via Amazon

  • Olay Regenerist daily regenerating serum, £10 from Amazonacquista qui

Many anti-ageing face creams can be too heavy for people who have oily skin, so it’s a good idea to opt for a lighter serum or gel formula.

Olay’s Regenerating serum is moisturising but non-greasy and is packed with skin-boosting pentapeptides and niacinamide.

It produces a smoothing but shine-free finish and it’s also a good anti-wrinkle cream for sensitive skin.

Come con qualsiasi apparecchio per lo styling riscaldato: Romilly Wilde Night Duty Face Cream

  • Romilly Wilde Night Duty Face Cream, £140 from Look Fantasticacquista qui

If your skin feels in need of some serious beauty sleep, this super-luxurious night cream will give your night’s kip some serious clout.

The cream feels lightweight to apply and smooths out like a dreamgeddit?

Our skin felt brighter and more hydrated after just a few nights of use and we also loved how the cream leaves our skin smelling.

The science behind the cream involves clever stem cell technology along with a myriad of natural, collagen-boosting goodies to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The price tag may be on the steeper side but, if you’re treating yourself or are having a skincare splurge, this is one to consider.

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift day cream SPF 30

Credito: via Amazon

  • L’Oréal Paris Revitalift day cream SPF 30, £6 from Amazonacquista qui

This budget-friendly cream is great for preventative use.

The SPF 30 sunscreen will protect your skin against UVA/UVB rays while the retinol helps keep your skin retain its elasticity.

And thanks to its hydrating formula, your skin will maintain its dewy complexion.

Eucerin Anti-Age Hyaluron-Filler day cream

Credito: via Feel Unique

  • Eucerin Anti-Age Hyaluron-Filler day cream, £22.50 from Feel Uniqueacquista qui

This anti-wrinkle cream works on a number of levels to rejuvenate skin and banish dryness.

It contains hyaluronic acid, which plumps up the skin and helps it to retain moisture levels.

The SPF 15 will help to protect your skin against UVAs, preventing you from developing moreand deeperwrinkles.

Neal’s Yard Remedies frankincense nourishing cream

Credito: Look Fantastic
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies frankincense nourishing cream, £27.50 from M&S – acquista qui

For a surefire shortcut to smoother skin, snap up this extra-rich Neal’s Yard moisturiser.

Specifically created for mature and dry skin, the nourishing cream’s frankincense and myrrh essential oils leave your complexion replenished and rejuvenated, while plant oils and herbal extracts reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion.

It might make your purse feel a little lighter, but it really is deeply moisturisingtaking your skin from dull to dewy.

The Ordinary Argireline solution 10%

Credito: Beauty Bay
  • The Ordinary Argireline solution 10%, £5.50 from Beauty Bayacquista qui

Kick creases to the kerb the affordable way with this anti-wrinkle serum that’s highly lauded by beauty insiders.

This water-based gem tackles the first signs of ageing thanks to Argireline, a potent ingredient that tightens skin to help prevent wrinkles.

Cheap, effective and beauty blogger-approvedno wonder it’s a fan favourite.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream

Credito: Charlotte Tilbury
  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream, £100 from Charlotte Tilburyacquista qui

Ageing skin isn’t just about wrinklesmany also worry about the decline of collagen and elastin levels, which cause a lack of firmness in the skin.

Enter Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty sleep potion: Magic Night Cream.

Formulated with anti-ageing ingredients like retinol, plant-derived stem cells, vitamin E and co-enzyme Q10, the cream also contains brightening and nourishing vitamin C, and frangipani flowers for a delicate fragrance.

Kate Somerville Age Arrest anti-wrinkle cream

  • Kate Somerville Age Arrest anti-wrinkle cream, £80 from Kate Somervilleacquista qui

Kate Somerville may be the facialist to the stars (including Meghan Markle), but she’s also harnessing the latest in science in her cult anti-ageing products.

Age Arrest is an anti-wrinkle cream made using Nobel Prize-winning medical research on telomeres, which shorten as we age. If we can prolong the life of skin cell telomeres, then the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is reduced.

The cream also has powerful peptides and plumping laminaria kelp to supercharge its anti-wrinkle credentials.

Murad rapid age spot correcting serum

Credito: Look Fantastic
  • Murad rapid age spot correcting serum, £52.50 from Look Fantasticacquista qui

Aside from wrinkles, age spots is another point of concern.

Murad’s rapid age spot correcting serum can help diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots.

It contains a potent blend of niacinamide, hexylresorcinol and plankton to help even out skin tone and prevent further age spots from developing, while leaving skin with a nice glow thanks to vitamin C, light-reflecting pearls and oligopeptides.

Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair retinol face cream

Credito: Amazon
  • Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair retinol face cream, £29.69 from Amazonacquista qui

Neutrogena is a leading US skincare brand and this anti-wrinkle cream is a favourite with dermatologists and customers alike.

The brand’s rapid wrinkle repair retinol face cream contains top-performing active ingredients, including retinol and hyaluronic acid.

This one is suitable for day and night time use.

Prai Ageless throat and décolletage crème

Credito: M&S
  • Prai Ageless throat and décolletage crème, £25 from M&S – acquista qui

Nora Ephron once wrote thatour necks tell the truth”, a statement many women will agree with.

This best-selling cream from Prai at M&S is a favourite for smoothing away any neck and throat wrinkles.

It contains plumping hyaluronic acid and Sepilift ™ technology to lift, tighten and diminish wrinkles.

The cream also features Prai oil extract, mulberry, saxifrage and grape seed extract to brighten skin and lighten up dark age spots, as well as rejuvenating vitamins A, E and F.

The Body Shop CBD replenishing moisture cream

Credito: The Body Shop
  • The Body Shop CBD replenishing moisture cream, £20 from The Body Shopacquista qui

We love the premise behind The Body Shop’s CBDto revitalise and hydrate skin, giving it a fresher, more glowing appearance, with a blend of naturally derived CBD, hemp seed oil and squalane.

This vegan-friendly product is suitable for all skin types.

Più, 97% of the ingredients are derived from natural sources.

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ global anti-aging cell power creme

Credito: Stivali
  • Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ creme, £72 from Bootsacquista qui

This anti-ageing cream from Estée Lauder is enhanced with “miracolo” moringa extract, a powerful, natural anti-wrinkle ingredient.

It’s designed to help with fine lines and loss of tone, and should help your skin feel firmer and plumper.

You can also use it day or night as needed.

Drunk Elephant Protini polypeptide cream

Credito: Spazio NK
  • Drunk Elephant Protini polypeptide cream, £57 from Space NKacquista qui

This is a favourite anti-wrinkle cream for anyone with sensitive skin – it’s lightweight and won’t irritate the skin, and has an ultra-gentle pH level of 4.0.

It’s also free from any potential irritants like fragrance, silicone and essential oils, and it’s especially effective on dark spots.

It supports skin’s natural collagen with a gorgeous combination of skin-glow enhancing ingredients like soybean folic acid ferment extract, pygmy waterlily stem cell extract and nine signal peptides.

The overall effect? A smoother, more luminous complexion.

Do anti wrinkle creams work?

Anti wrinkle creams contain ingredients that are designed to combat some of the effects of ageing, such as a dull and dry complexion.

Different creams contain different active ingredients and in different proportions and concentrations, which can affect how effective they are.

Some creams can also be more effective for some skin types than others.

Più, it might be months before you see any noticeable changes.

Detto ciò, your skin will definitely benefit from a good anti-wrinkle creambut exactly how much can vary and that’s worth bearing in mind before you splash out on the most expensive one.

How do anti wrinkle creams work?

Anti wrinkle creams contain different active ingredients that are designed to improve the appearance of your skin.

Different creams have different formulas that are targeted at different skin types, which means how they work will vary slightly.

A key ingredient for most anti wrinkle creams is retinol, which is made from vitamin A. It helps to boost collagen production in your skin, which can in turn help your skin regain some of its natural elasticity.

Some products also contain hyaluronic acid, which helps to improve the natural moisture retention of your skin, helping it to look more dewy.

When should you start using anti wrinkle cream

The advice on this varies depending on which expert you consultsome recommend using products as early as your 20s but most agree that your 30s are a good time.

As anti wrinkle creams can take a while to take effect, using products early can slow down the effects of ageing before it becomes visible.

But as you age, you’ll have to start using different products as the needs of your skin will change over time.

What is the most effective anti wrinkle eye cream?

The effectiveness of anti wrinkle eye cream varies from person to person but according to experts, there are some core ingredients you should be looking for.

One of the most important is retinol, an ingredient made from vitamin A. It naturally stimulates collagen production and helps cell growth, both of which can help reduce the signs of ageing.

Hyaluronic acid can also help.

It’s found naturally in the skin and is key to keeping your skin looking supple and moisturised.

Some experts also recommend vitamin C and vitamin E, which are both antioxidants. These can help reduce the stress of city living on your skin by countering the effects of UV rays and pollution.


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