Big Brother’s Bex Shiner reveals she makes £16k a MONTH on OnlyFans

BIG Brother star Bex Shiner is looking unrecognisable 14 years on from the show.

The former nurse, 35, changed careers after leaving the showand now she’s making a whopping £16K a month on OnlyFans.

Remember Bex Shiner from Big Brother in 2008?

Remember Bex Shiner from Big Brother in 2008?クレジット: チャネル 4
She's now making a fortune on OnlyFans

She’s now making a fortune on OnlyFansクレジット: インスタグラム
Bex with her ex-boyfriend Luke on Big Brother

Bex with her ex-boyfriend Luke on Big Brotherクレジット: レックスの機能

She appeared on the 2008 一連の Channel 4’s BB, when she had a close relationship with Luke Marsden.

The pair went on to date, but it didn’t last.

Bex began focusing her efforts on making money through posting sexy images online.

The reality star originally appeared on Babestation before making money on OnlyFans, where she making serious money.

Bex confessed she will never have to do any other type of work again because of the cash she earns from the racy platform.

と話す デイリースター 彼女は言いました: “After a couple of weeks I realised I didn’t need to do anything else anymore.

And now I don’t need to do anything at all, I probably never need to do anything again.

彼女は付け加えた: “I don’t have to worry about money and that is something I never thought would happen.

Speaking about her earnings, Bex admitted she rakes in between a whopping £12K and £16K per month but explained it can be more than that.

The OnlyFans beauty explained: “I believe if I put my webcam on all day and I shot loads of content and I worked from the phone all day, I could probably make at least 30 grand a month if I worked hard.

その間, earlier this year Bex said she wanted to be a voice for sex workersaiming to get equal rights.

Again speaking to the Daily Star, Bex said: “I want equal rights for sex workers and to tell people that we are human and we can go and do other things and make something of ourselves even if it is outside the industry.

彼女は続いた 51 days on the Channel 4 シリーズ, which was won by 37-year-old Rachel Rice.

As well as raking in a fortune on OnlyFans, she also invested money in a burger van.

The Walsall burger business, called Bapstation, bears the mottowe sell food not nude”.

It sells breakfast wraps, burgers and pork baps.

Bex added that the items sell out every Friday and that there were queues around the block.

Bex is now laughing all the way to the bank with her sexy pics

Bex is now laughing all the way to the bank with her sexy picsクレジット: Bex Shiner/Instagram