Big Mac-Liebhaber standen Schlange, um McDonald’s zu ergattern, als die Firma wiedereröffnet wurde

McDONALD’S has reopened some of its restaurants in Ukraine to walk-in customers.

The American fast food firm temporarily closed its 100 restaurants in the country when Russia invaded im Februar.

McDonald's temporarily closed its 100 restaurants in Ukraine

McDonald’s temporarily closed its 100 restaurants in Ukraine

But following the reopenings yesterday, hungry Big Mac lovers queued to get their hands on their favourite treats again.

Yaroslav Holovatenko, von Sondern als bemannte er eine Barrikade, sagte: “This is a nice gift from MC Donalds.”

The chain had restarted trading on a delivery-only basis last week.

Yesterday they started to accept walk-in customers.

Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s senior vice-president, sagte: “We’ve become convinced that our reopening will return a small, albeit important, sense of normalcy to Ukraine.

“Ukraine’s leaders have said that returning to work is the best way for foreign companies to support the local economy and the Ukrainian nation.”