Reglas en blanco de Blankety: ¿Cómo funciona el programa de juegos y quién lo presenta??

BRITAIN’S blank-iest game show is back on BBC One with a new celebrity panel to help contestants win the coveted cheque book and pen.

The original start date on September 17 was postponed following the death of the Queen.

Blankety Blank is back on BBC One

Blankety Blank is back on BBC OneCrédito: BBC

How does Blankety Blank work?

A new series of Blankety Blank will air on Saturday, septiembre 24, 2022.

The object of the game is to match the answers of as many of the six celebrity panellists as possible on fill-in-the-blank statements.

The main game is played in two rounds, as two contestants compete.

The contestants have to write their answers first on a card in secret, the celebrities will then be canvassed to give their answers.

The first celebrity to match the answer gives that contestant the victory.

In the rare occasion where there is still no match, the round is then replayed with a new question.

Who is the presenter of Blankety Blank?

The series will once again be presented by English actor and comedian, and much-loved game show presenter, Bradley Walsh.

Bradley Walsh said: ”It’s a brilliant show to work on. I get the chance to hang out with a lovely bunch of people for a few hours, as we attempt to play a silly, fun game.

The great thing about Blankety Blank is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a wonderfully entertaining show, both to present and to watch at home.

In a separate interview, Walsh spoke highly of those who presented the show over the years.

Él dijo: “I stand on the shoulders of giants like Les Dawson y Sir Terry Wogan but I’m hoping to put my own stamp on the fantastically nostalgic show,” he explained.

Director of Entertainment at the BBC, Kate Phillips said: “It’s been so brilliant having Blankety Blank back on the Beeb. And Bradley really is the perfect host for this very funny family show, dealing with unpredictable celebrities, concursantes, and prizes!"

Who appears in Blankety Blank?

The series will see a new panel of famous faces helping the contestants win the coveted cheque book and pen.

Here’s some of the celebrities appearing in the 2022 serie:

A lot of new faces and some old favourites will be back for a 10-episode run of the new series on BBC One.