Culturista apodada 'She-Hulk' aturde en bikini después de comer siete comidas al DÍA

A FEMALE bodybuilder dubbed theshe-hulkstuns in a barely there bikini despite eating seven meals a day.

Fafa Araujo showed off her toned physique a ella 1.9 millón Tik Tok seguidores.

Brazilian bodybuilder Fafa Araujo has been dazzling fans with her new bikini

Brazilian bodybuilder Fafa Araujo has been dazzling fans with her new bikiniCrédito: @fafafitness11/CEN
Her toned physique has seen be dubbed the 'She-hulk'

Her toned physique has seen be dubbed the ‘She-hulkCrédito: @fafafitness11/CEN

She also shares videos of her gruelling workouts.

The Rio de Janeiro native’s muscular figure caused a stir ahead of the release of the Disney+ TV series ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’, even earning the bodybuilder herself the eponymous moniker.

Fafa, 36, documents on social media how most of her days are spent pumping iron at the gym and eating seven meals a day.

She also uses her platforms to share healthy lifestyle tips and hacks.

Most of Fafa’s followers hail from Brazil and the EE.UU, where she has lived for 11 años, now calling Miami home.

Her latest post, ‘likedby more than 21,000 people across platforms at the time of writing, shows Fafa in a bikini as she poses and plays with her hair.

Her six-pack and toned glutes are on full display as she strolls confidently towards a balcony overlooking a waterway.

Ella escribió: “Good morning, Miami. Who’s ready to hit the pool?”

She’s shared other racy pics, including her in a razor-thin US-themed costumes.

mientras tanto, female bodybuilder Anne Lima, 34, from Brazil, said she doesn’t really care for comments about her muscular legs, which have been compared to Cristiano Ronaldo's.

Anne has been working on her legs for 14 años, and will be representing Rio de Janeiro in the Miss BumBum competition this year.

But despite her hard work building up her leg muscles, the comments she receives about them aren’t particularly complimentary.

She’s frequently told by strangers that her legs are like a footballer’s, while a date once told her that they reminded him of Ronaldo’sa comment Anne wascompletely uncomfortable” con.

I don’t really care for the comments,” Anne told Jam Press.

I get it all the time. I get it at the gym and even get stopped on the street.

Anne hit the gym four days a week, for two hours at a time, working on her physique.

The exercises I do are squats, deadlift and extensions,” Ella explicó.

These never fail.

My legs are really natural, I’ve never had any kind of procedure, you can see the muscle cut.

There is nothing that imitates muscle.

And when it comes to how she sees herself, Anne prefers to think of her legs like a tree trunk.

When I look in the mirror, I see a big and strong tree,” she smiled.

As well as achieving success on the bodybuilding circuit, Anne is also hoping to become the person with the most defined legs on Instagramwhere she has been sharing workout videos.

Fafa also shares videos of her gruelling workouts

Fafa also shares videos of her gruelling workoutsCrédito: @fafafitness11/CEN