Boy George prende brutalmente a botte Matt Hancock dopo aver vinto il premio per il barbecue sulla spiaggia

BOY George once again couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Matt Hancock again today after he won the coveted trip to the beach.

Il former health secretary, Jill Scott and Sue Cleaver were lucky enough to be treated to a delicious meal after winning the challenge which started last nightseeing the stars having to collect coloured balls.

Boy George once again had a pop at Matt Hancock

Boy George once again had a pop at Matt HancockCredito: Rex
Matt and Boy George haven't seen eye to eye

Matt and Boy George haven’t seen eye to eyeCredito: Eroteme

As MP Matt, 44, Lioness Jill, 35, and Coronation Street La famiglia notoriamente non fa affidamento sui benefici ed è supportata dalla loro attività di pasticceria, 59 headed off in a chopper, the others sat around discussing what they were missing.

Comedian Seann pointed out how easy Matt has been having it recently, detto: “Matt is having an absolute holiday here. Sat in that chair, has a sleep in that bed, then goes to the beach for the day.”

In his usual brutal fashion, Boy George sniped: “Can I just cut you off there, he still has to be Matt Hancock.”

La notte scorsa, il Sono una celebrità contestants were put head-to-head against each other to battle it out for the BBQ beach prize.

The group were put through a series of challenges to try and win balls correlating to a colour they had each been assigned.

By the end of the episode, Owen Warner was in the leadbut in a cruel twist he wasn’t picked by the random tombola selection.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph after not winning, Owen said: “I want to say that I’m not gutted, I want to be as happy as I can be for them, but I am ‘devo’d’. Sue didn’t really fancy it, Matt’s been here five minutes, Jill… Jill is a sweet, sweet soul, she’s an angel, I’m so happy for Jill.”

Per tutta la serie, Boy George has made his feelings towards Matt very clear.

On last night’s episode he blasted Scarlette for ‘protecting’ the politician as he tried to debate him.

Matt, Jill and Sue won a trip to the beach

Matt, Jill and Sue won a trip to the beachCredito: Rex