Junge, der vom Wahrzeichen von NYC zu Tode sprang, sah vor dem Sprung mit seiner Schwester lachen

THE 14-year-old boy who jumped off the Vessel landmark in New York on Thursday was seen moments earlier laughing and running with his sister just before he died.

There were lots of tourists around,” said a security guard at the Manhattan tourist attraction. “The kid was racing up the stairs with his younger sister and having a blast, having so much fun.

The boy who jumped off the Vessel in New York was seen laughing with his sister seconds earlier

The boy who jumped off the Vessel in New York was seen laughing with his sister seconds earlier

The unnamed guard told the New York Post that he and some colleagues had seen the two children running around and looking joyous just moments before the tragic teen was seen leaping to his death off the attraction.

One of my colleagues told them, ‘I know it’s fun and stuff, but you are not allowed to run in the Vessel,’ and, ‘Stay with your parents,'” the security guard said.

“Irgendwie, when he got to Level Eight, he jumped,” er fügte hinzu.

The guard described the horrific scene that followed as the teen’s family, from an upscale area in New Jersey, were left devastated.

I saw his parents after,” er fügte hinzu. “The lady panicked. She was screaming and crying. The father was speechless. The sister was crying.

I heard the impact. I saw he was wearing a colorful shirt. My heart just dropped,” the guard said.

Authorities believe the boy had a history of depression and suicidal thoughts in the past.

According to a family friend, the boy’s funeral is tomorrow.

He was a very sweet kid, very smart,” the family friend said. “We’re dealing with it. These things are never easy.

The boy’s death was the fourth suicide at the 16-story landmark in its short two-year history.

We thought we did everything that would really prevent this,” said Stephen Ross, the billionaire chairman of The Related Companies, which owns the Vessel and Hudson Yards.

It’s hard to really fathom how something like that could happen. But you know, I feel terrible for the family,” he told the Tägliches Biest.

It may now be shut down permanently given the deaths, er fügte hinzu.

They tried adding more security, but it didn’t help,” said the guard of some precautions taken.

Zurück im Januar, Gothamist reported that after the third suicide of a 19-year-old teen also from New Jersey, Community Board 4 sent a letter to the Related Companies, Hudson Yardsdeveloper.

It noted: “Installing adequate physical barriers on high places can prevent or substantially reduce suicides, especially impulsive ones.

As was pointed out at the March 4th MCB4 Full Board Meeting1, it took a tragically long time for NYU to act to prevent suicides from the balconies of the Bobst Library.

Wenn Sie oder jemand, den Sie kennen, von einem der in dieser Geschichte angesprochenen Probleme betroffen ist, Rufen Sie die National Suicide Prevention Lifeline unter 800-273-TALK . an (8255) oder Text Crisis Text Line at 741741.

The Vessel tried hiring more guards but that didn't stop another death, current employees say

The Vessel tried hiring more guards but that didn’t stop another death, current employees sayAnerkennung: AP:Associated Press