Bradley Walsh silences The Chase player as he accuses him of being a SPY

BRADLEY Walsh has left audiences laughing after silencing a “desperate” The Chase contestant for acting like a SPY.

The TV host mediated a tense play-off round between Shaun Wallace and the player, named Pete – who he told wasn’t “allowed to speak”.

Bradley said the contestant wasn't allowed to speak during the round

Bradley said the contestant wasn’t allowed to speak during the roundCredit: ITV

Bradley, 61, watched on as Pete nervously faced Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ in the second round for a tricky question about creepy crawlies.

Reading it aloud, the host said: “What is the largest order of insects, representing about forty percent of all known insect species?”

Three answers were listed for the contestant and the Chaser to choose from in order to progress down the board: “Ants, beetles or flies.”

As Pete tried to work out the answer and kept a straight face, Bradley poked fun at him and joked he must have worked as “a spy”.

Bradley joked that Pete was a "spy" as he answered the questions

Bradley joked that Pete was a “spy” as he answered the questionsCredit: ITV

He went on to order him to not speak to him throughout the rest of the game, to which Pete struggled to keep his mouth shut.

Clearly wanting to answer the question aloud with his choice of “ants”, Brad quipped at him: “You’re desperate to say it aren’t you?”

“When I go ‘you’ve put,’ you’re desperate to turn around to me and speak. You’re not allowed to. Not even being a spy.”

Lowering his voice into a whisper, Bradley continued to jibe: “You could do it covertly. You could go ‘ants’.”

Pete faced The Dark Destroyer, Shaun Wallace

Pete faced The Dark Destroyer, Shaun WallaceCredit: ITV

Before the right answer was revealed to the panel, Pete took the chance to crack a joke of his own and make Shaun laugh.

“That’s the right ‘ants-er’,” he said of the question, as hilarious host Bradley shook his head in disappointment in the background.

Unfortunately, the right choice was “beetles”, which Shaun had guessed correctly, moving one step closer behind him on the board.

But despite the wrong answer, the guest burst into laughter, with Pete’s nerves appeared to fade away as he went on to sail through to the Final Chase.

Eventually Pete cracked a smile during the round

Eventually Pete cracked a smile during the roundCredit: ITV

He was joined by two of his team mates to put up a fight against the quiz whizz, but they failed to collect enough points to win.

It was “just another day in the office” according to Shaun, who sent them home empty-handed with seconds to spare on the clock.

The Chase airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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