Brit girl, 16, ‘sexually abused after being drugged in Costa del Sol nightclub’

A BRITISH teenager was allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted after taken from a nightclub by two men in Costa del Sol.

The 16-year-old was reportedly found naked, wrapped in a blanket andvery frightenedat a house in the upmarket resort of Puerto Banus near Marbella, 西班牙.

The girl was taken in the upmarket resort of Puerto Banus near Marbella

The girl was taken in the upmarket resort of Puerto Banus near Marbella信用: Solarpix

Cops have reportedly arrested five menincluding a Brit and an Irishmensuspected of abusing the girl and another woman, 20.

Weaponsincluding a machete, a pistol and a submachine gunwere also found at the house.

The girl and the woman were both taken to hospital after being discovered.

The teen told police she was in a nightclub and had a hazy memory of getting into a car with two men but remembers nothing else.

The 20-year-old British man arrested is said to have broken his ankle after jumping from a first-floor window to try to escape police.

And the Irishman was held near iconic party-spot the Ocean Club in Puerto Banus after a chase.

警察, who are yet to make any official comment, received the alarm call around 5am on Sunday from a female friend of the English girl.

She told police her pal had phoned her “crying and distressed” claiming she was with several men who had weapons before the line went dead.

When she rang her back she could hear a man asking the tearful girl for the PIN number of her mobile phone.

Police accessed the property where they made most of the arrests after spotting a pistol and a knife on an outside table terrace and seeing youngsters in a room inside said to have ignored officers’ requests to let them in.

A police officer is understood to have been injured during a struggle which ended with the arrest of the unnamed Irish youngster and an Iranian suspect.

The British detainee was taken to hospital after two other men described as a Moroccan and a Finnish 17-year-old were held inside the house.

The second woman rescued by police has been described as a Lithuanian 20-year-old found semi-naked and “drowsy” in bed beside a weapon believed to be a Thompson sub-machine gun.

She also told police a similar story to the English girl, saying she remembered being in a nightclub and getting in a vehicle to go to another bar, but nothing after that.

It was not immediately clear this morning if the two females knew each other and had been out partying together, and whether they were on holiday or live in the area.