L'avvocato di Britney dice che la star "si è emozionata"’ quando ha saputo che papà Jamie era stato sospeso

BRITNEY Spearslawyer said the singer got “emotivo” when he told her the news her father had finally been suspended from her long-running conservatorship.

Speaking outside the courthouse on Wednesday, Mathew Rosengart exclusively told The Sun: “Britney became emotional upon the call when I called and told her the news.

Britney spears got emotional when her lawyer told her about her dad Jamie being suspended from the conservatorship

Britney spears got emotional when her lawyer told her about her dad Jamie being suspended from the conservatorshipCredito: Getty
Mathew exclusively told The Sun: 'Britney became emotional upon the call when I called and told her the news.'

Mathew exclusively told The Sun: ‘Britney became emotional upon the call when I called and told her the news.Credito: AP

We are in constant communication but I won’t be going into further detail about the matter of the call. Today was a great day for justice.”

During Wednesday’s court hearing in Los Angeles, Mathew ripped the singer’s dad asa toxic, abusive alcoholicand said she’safraidof him after 13 years of him having control over her finances and personal life.

Mathew was making the case to have Jamie Spears suspended, while Jamie’s lawyer Vivian Thoreen was fighting to have the conservatorship terminated.

During the hearing Mathew said Britney, 39, testified that Jamieabused her, subjected her to cruelty, and cannot bear this toxic presence for a single day more.

Calling out Jamie and his attorney Vivian, Mathew continued: “Giving Thoreen and Spears what they want means: that cruel toxic and abusive man, who is an alcoholic that she is afraid of, remains in her life.

Lui continuò: “James P. Spears must be removed today.

The attorney claimed he did nothave to prove immorality” e “criminal conductfrom Jamie, insisting that hewill answer for the New York Times article.

The best interests of my client is that man be gone from her life TODAY. Vivian’s low shots at my clients choice for conservator of estate- brings her clients credentials at issue.


Mathew added that Jamie hasZERO experience with anything, business, finance.

The attorney continued: “His experience is in domestic violence orders placed against him by her children and ex spouse.

You know what really makes my client upset. That her father, who does nothing, isn’t a business or talent manager- who is abusive and cruel and toxic- takes more money from her estate each month than he allows her to have.

Britney's attorney insisted that Jamiecannot be in her life for another day.

He added that the singer ispleadingfor Jamie to no longer be part of her life.


Mathew argued: “What Britney Spears wants- what she needs is- her father gone today- suspended- out of her life, a temporary conservator appointed for 30-45 days at which point we demand the conservatorship be terminated that day.

Jamie’s attorney then stated that if the court grants termination of the conservatorship, Jamie fully intends to comply with all requirements.

She added that he is still Britney’s father and not just her conservator, though Mathew interrupted and said: “It’s about what she wants! Sorry your honor.”

Mathew continued, “Jamie did a 180 and wanted a termination once he saw the discovery provided to his legal team. Fondamentalmente, he knew he was in trouble and wanted to go out quick and quietly.

Earlier in his argument, Mathew slammed Jamie for “unfathomable” behaviorby eavesdropping and placing recording and monitoring devices to control his daughter.

He also claimed that Jamie wanted a termination instead of a suspension because it would mean he won’t have to turn over records as a fiduciary of the estate. Avoiding hisabuses and behavior being exposed.


Shortly after Mathew made his argument, Judge Brenda Penny revealed her decision to have Jamie removed as the singer’s conservator.

Parlando in tribunale, Judge Penny said: “Based on what I read in the filings, and I read everything. I do believe the suspension of Jamie Spears is in the best interest of Britney Spears.

The current situation is unattainable. The court finds the toxic environment Jamie Spears has created needs to be removed today.

Following the judge’s decision, a temporary conservator was put in Jamie’s place for about a month.

The next hearing will take place on November 12 where the parties will discuss the next steps in the termination of the conservatorship entirely.

Under the conservatorship, Britney has no legal control over her estate or her assets and the rights were granted to her father and a lawyer 13 anni fa.


During a past hearing in June, Britney made a number of shocking claims regarding the conservatorship.

Britney gave a sensational testimony in front of a court and pleaded with a judge to end the arrangement, dicendo che lo è” doing me way more harm than good.

She told the court she wants to marry her boyfriend Sam Asghari, 27, and have a baby, but that the conservatorship won’t allow it.

The couple have since become engaged.

Britney said her silence over the years has mistakenly been interpreted as complicity, affermando: “I’ve lied and told the whole world, ‘I’m okay, I’m happy.I’ve been in denial, I’ve been in shock. I am traumatized.

Inoltre, Britney claimed nurses watch her every move and she’s not allowed to change her clothes in private.

She added her father was controlling andenjoyedthe power over her.

I cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it,” disse il cantante. “The control he had over someone as powerful as me, as he loved the control to hurt his own daughter 100,000%.

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