Britney Spears critica il nuovo documentario di Hulu come "NON vero"’ mentre si prepara per l'udito

BRITNEY Spears slammed the new Hulu doc about her ongoing legal battle as “NOT true.”

The 39-year-old singer ripped the doc as she prepares for her upcoming conservatorship hearing.

Britney slammed the new Hulu documentary after her conservatorship

Britney slammed the new Hulu documentary after her conservatorship
She insisted some of the information in the doc 'is not true'

She insisted some of the information in the doc ‘is not true
The singer will next appear in court on Wednesday

The singer will next appear in court on WednesdayCredito: AP

Britney preso a Instagram on Monday to share a video of herself rocking a white crop top and matching shorts.

She posed for the camera and walked in and out of frame as Natalie Taylor’s Surrender played.

Nella didascalia, Britney called out the upcoming doc and insisted a lot of the information featured in the special isn’t true.

Lei scrisse: “It’s really crazy guysI watched a little bit of the last documentary and I hate to inform you but a lot of what you heard is not true !!!

“I really try to disassociate myself from the drama !!!"

Britney continuato: “Number onethat’s the past !!! Number twocan the dialogue get any classier ??‍♀️?? ??? Number threewow they used the most beautiful footage of me in the world ? !!!

“What can I say .. the EFFORT on their part ??? !!!"


Once she got her followers’ attention, the Toxic singer changed the topic to discuss her Project Rose.

Britney previously explained the “personal photo project” in an Instagram inviare, scrivere: “A lot of people have been saying that a lot of my posts are not new, ma sono vecchi, ma solo per farvelo sapere guys, nessuna delle mie foto o dei miei post ha più di un mese. sì, lo so, Ho indossato lo stesso top 17 volte, ma è per un progetto, Progetto Rosa. And you’ll be seeing way more of Project Rose in the future.

In Monday’s post, the singer wrote: “The Rose ProjectMY ROSE PROJECTmade me a believer !!!

“The day I first posted The Rose Project a random red rose beaded bracelet showed up at my door and I never even ordered it !!!

“Nobody in the world knew about it except for me !!!

“I will never forget that dayso what if some of it was untrue !!!

“I have the original Rose ? !!!

“Yes the one that kissed @Madonna and the one who has social anxiety !!!"


She concluded the caption by sharing that she was wearing white for “new beginnings.”

Il latest doc di Britneytitled Controlling Britney Spearsdebuted on Hulu di venerdì.

In the doc, Alex Vlasov, a former employee of Black Box Security, claimed the company had access to the singer’s text messages, phone calls, and emails through alistening device installed in her bedroom.

Alex explained that he was asked to encrypt some of the singer’s text conversations to send to her father, Jamie Spears, along with an employee of a business management firm he had hired.

The move was allegedly for the artist’sown security and protectionto which Alex was told that her attorney as well as the court overseeing her conservatorship wasaware of it.


Britney had been living under her dad’s power, il sole conservator of her estate, da 2008.

Jamie had been in control of her most important life decisions, from financial transactions to medical care, in what the hitmaker branded an “abusivo” tutela.

tuttavia, her father stepped down from his role as her conservator after he allegedly became thetarget of unjustified attacks.

Over the last few months, the story of the Grammy-award winner’s fight for freedom has been in the limelight as fans demand answers motioning the #FreeBritney movement.

Her next court appearance is set for Wednesday, settembre 29.


Shortly after Jamie stepped down as her conservator, Britney announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari, 27.

The couple shared the happy news earlier this month with a post sui social as the singer showed off her huge diamond ring.

The Crossroads star jokingly slammed her “un buco” fiancé for his “molto in ritardo” proposta but admitted it was “vale la pena aspettare.”

The singer called the new doc 'crazy'

The singer called the new doc ‘crazyCredito: Instagram/Britney Spears
Britney and Sam announced their engagement earlier this month

Britney and Sam announced their engagement earlier this month