Les Britanniques sont plus susceptibles d'attraper Covid à Blackpool qu'en vacances à Benidorm

HOLIDAYING in Benidorm is safer than Blackpool with holidaymakers more likely to catch Covid on staycation in the UK, Il a été rapporté.

Spain is currently on the amber list of countries, enabling those who are fully vaccinated to continue to enjoy a quarantine free trip to the holiday hotspot.

A trip to Benidorm is safer than a staycation, Il a été rapporté

A trip to Benidorm is safer than a staycation, Il a été rapportéCrédit: Alamy

But analysis of NHS data shows people who stayed in England are more likely to have Covid than those returning from countries on the amber or liste verte, les Telegraph reports.

Analysis of the NHS data by test provider Cignpost shows people in the North West, which includes Blackpool, were testing positive at a rate of 1.56 pour cent.

That’s double the 0.7 per cent reported for travellers returning from Espagne, says the Telegraph.

The test positivity rate for England for as a whole stood at 1.36 per cent for the three weeks to August 11.

The figure compares with 1.3 per cent for the 500,000 holidaymakers who travelled to amber countries and were tested on their return.

The findings have led those in the travel industry to slam what they claim are the UK’s strict rules on testing.

Those coming back to Britain from a green list destination need to have two Covid des tests, including a pre-arrival Covid test and also a test on or before day two of returning to the UK.

Tim Alderslade, chief executive of Airlines UK, mentionné: “We don’t ask people visiting Blackpool or Cornwall to take expensive PCR tests or complete laborious locator forms, and we shouldn’t be treating overseas travel any differently to domestic tourism.

The current travel restrictions have seen the UK become a total outlier compared to the rest of Europe and resulted in a summer season in name only, costing the UK billions in lost trade.

“The EU probably can’t believe its luck.

Tory MP Henry Smith, chairman of the all-party Future of Aviation Group, said PCR tests for double-jabbed travellers from amber and green countries should be replaced with cheaper lateral flow ones.

A PCR test should only be required if they were positive, il a dit.

The MP maintains “the fact that many international destinations have a lower Covid risk than the UK means we need a more pragmatic approach”.

Mr Smith condemned the “complex and costly test regime which is making travel prohibitively expensive for too many and damaging aviation sector recovery, jobs and our wider economy”.

Going to Blackpool could mean you're more likely to get Covid, it's claimed

Going to Blackpool could mean you’re more likely to get Covid, il est revendiquéCrédit: Alamy

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