Brits want food wrapped in eco-friendly compostable packagingnot plastic

BRITS want their food wrapped up in eco-friendly compostable packingrather than plastic which is hurting the planet.

Fresh polling reveals eight in ten people support a plastic packaging tax, which is due to come in next year, but they don’t want it to penalise greener options.

Brits will support a plastic packaging tax but think there should be an exemption for compostable materials

Brits will support a plastic packaging tax but think there should be an exemption for compostable materialsクレジット: アラミー

Anything less than 30 per cent recycled content is expected to be whacked with the higher taxes in an attempt to clean up the planet.

アイルランド, Italy and Japan all have exemptions for compostable packaging which breaks down in the ground, and campaigners want Britain to follow suit and deliver adouble win for the environment”.

Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and co-founder of TIPA Packaging, which commissioned the poll, 昨夜言った: “Compostable packaging offers a sustainable solution to things like food contact plastic films, which for many reasons cannot be recycled.

“代わりに, they are removed at recycling facilities and either sent to landfill or incinerated.

It is vital that the Government listens to this and recognises the need for a separate tax system for compostable packaging”.

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そして、私たちはあなたとあなたの家族が太陽のグリーンチームに参加することを望んでいます – 私たちのエコ革命.

温室効果ガスの削減にどのように貢献するかを知ることは、圧倒されるかもしれません。, しかし、私たちは気候変動を抑制するために私たちが取ることができる実際的なステップをあなたに示します – グローバルな「CountUsIn」イニシアチブの助けを借りて.


食品廃棄物の削減をお手伝いします, あなたの家を断熱する, 地球に優しいおいしい食事を作り、二酸化炭素排出量を削減するための簡単な手順を実行します.



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Lib Dem Peer Baroness Bakewell told the House of Lords last week that ministers must stop penalising firms which are coming up with green solutions to save the planet, and is lobbying to change the upcoming law, arguing that plastic films will never be easily recycled and should be biodegradable instead.

彼女は言いました: “The unintended consequence of the plastics tax as it stands is that these innovative solutions are perversely penalised.