Brother developed OCD after getting Covid and he’s making my parents sick

عزيزي الديد: MY brother’s OCD is making our mum and dad ill.

They’re not allowed to have friends over because his phobia of germs is out of control.

I’m his sister, 36. ألعب لعبة خطيرة مع جاري 40, still lives at home, and bullies our parents because of his obsession.

During the pandemic he developed OCD after contracting Covid-19, but now he kicks off about everything.

الليلة الماضية, our mum went to bed hungry because he hates anyone else in the kitchen when he is cooking.

Our parents are both 71 and can’t enjoy their retirement because of him and I fear it’s making my dad ill.

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I feel useless, what can I do to help?

يقول ديدير: As lockdown is over your parents shouldn’t have to live in fear.

They may want to consider giving your brother notice to find somewhere else to live.

Let your brother know how much his restrictions are affecting your dad’s health and happiness.

Let him know there is help for managing OCD and our support pack on Fears and Phobias can help.