Bruder starb während der Operation und jetzt antwortet seine Frau nicht mehr auf unsere Anrufe

LIEBE DEIDRE: MY younger brother died during a routine operation and now his wife has completely cut all contact.

He was only 48, far too young to die. Ich bin 52 and my parents are both 78.

We can't believe his wife has cut us all off

We can’t believe his wife has cut us all off

We are convinced that the hospital was negligent and have tried to talk to his wife to find out more information, but she told us to accept his death and to move on.

We were staggered. Her attitude is heartless and makes me feel she didn’t love him at all.

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She didn’t invite us to his funeral and won’t return our calls.

It’s almost as if she wants to forget my brother completely.

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My wife says she’s being a good friend, but I’m sure she’s sleeping with her ex

DEIDRE SAGT: There isn’t a correct way to grieve and although your brother’s wife may not be behaving the way you would expect, this doesn’t mean she isn’t struggling.

I’m sending you my support pack on bereavement, which will help.


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It doesn’t sound like you have put in an official complaint with the hospital, so have a look here for the best starting point: