Builder’s brew to decafhere’s what your cuppa says about your personality

YOUR favourite tea could say bags about your personality.

Food psychologist Greg Tucker says: “Tea, like those who drink it, is dependable, reliable and trustworthy. How we drink it can reveal a lot about us.” Greg reads the tea leaves to Samantha Yule to reveal what your favourite brew says about you . . .


A builder's brew - confident yet reliable

A builder’s brewconfident yet reliableCrédito: Alamy

DRINKER is a mainstream, unflashy type, confident yet reliable, like this brew.

It is dependable and you know what you’re getting, like with all good builders.


A STEP away from builder’s and a sign of individuality.

Tea without milk is a sign of individuality

Tea without milk is a sign of individualityCrédito: Alamy

Shows confidence, as the drink is intense.

For the dynamic sort who likes control. Or may just be a calorie thing.


MANY have their first tea, de pequeño, sweet to acquire the taste.

Stirring a lot can be attention-seeking

Stirring a lot can be attention-seekingCrédito: Alamy

Failing to change later may mean you miss childhood comforts. Stirring a lot can be attention-seeking.


YOU want an easy life, opting for a brew like a bedtime hug from a parent, and avoid fretting about things, including gaining weight.

A milky cuppa soothes away stress

A milky cuppa soothes away stressCrédito: Alamy

A milky cuppa soothes away stress.


SIGN of a fussy type who needs to be in control and likely has a neat underwear drawer.

Playing the connoisseur like this can be a statement of snobbishness.


TEA links to hearth and home, so many drink the brand they had as kids.

Waitrose own brand tea bags

Waitrose own brand tea bagsCrédito: Alamy

But some choose a new one in a bid for freedom and to build their own, adult persona.


NAMED for our 1830s Prime Minister, this a subtle yet powerful sign of class.

A subtle yet powerful sign of class

A subtle yet powerful sign of classCrédito: Alamy

The bergamot aroma adds sophistication. Adding milk reduces the snob factor.


A QUEST for identity. Not the teenage tattoo rebellion, but close.

Drinkers are happy to break with the norm and march to their own beat.

Herbal tea drinkers are happy to march to their own beat

Herbal tea drinkers are happy to march to their own beatCrédito: Alamy

Or they may just be health fanatics avoiding the guilt of caffeine, sugar and milk.


FOR the healthy, who enjoy tea without fear of using it as a crutch.

The gym and lycra are other expenses.

Yorkshire decaf teabags - for the healthy

Yorkshire decaf teabagsfor the healthyCrédito: Alamy

Their body is a temple they worship.

Foregoing some of tea’s pleasure is a sacrifice they think is worth making.


WE all know tea brewed in a pot tastes better, but it also provides ritual and reverence.

Using a teapot provides ritual to your daily brew

Using a teapot provides ritual to your daily brewCrédito: Shutterstock

Drinkers want life reliable and repeatable. They may have fears and superstitions that can be soothed by such ceremony.

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