Judy Parfitt de Call The Midwife taquine l'avenir déchirant de Monica Joan

CALL the Midwife fans could be left devastated over a potential new storyline involving Sister Monica.

The BBC series, which has run for 11 seasons so far, is set to air its twelfth in 2023.

Sister Monica Joan has been in the show since the start

Sister Monica Joan has been in the show since the startCrédit: BBC

The BBC has also confirmed that the drama has been renewed for season 13 également.

Sister Monica Joan is played by actress Judy Parfitt, a much loved character that’s been in the series since the very start.

Judy, 87, joined the cast in 2012, and has recently spoken about her future on the show.

Speaking to various outlets, Judy said: “Oh anything can happen to Sister Monica.

She goes through various things, it is really difficult to explain because she has come and gone health-wise.

Explaining what’s to come, elle a ajouté: “I think I have said before when she is tired, or stressed, or upset or ill that she begins to lose the plot, but I do have quite a few varied things to do in this series.

toutefois, she added that there is one thing she is really looking forward to.

It is lovely and very fulfilling and I have a lovely episode with a dog, lovely dog. I know I am on to a winner there,” concluded Judy.