Caravan owners urged to make checks after recent law change to avoid £2.5k fine

Caravan owners are being warned about receiving hefty fines for towing ‘incorrectly’ this winter.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced in December last year that motorists would no longer need to undertake any additional tests or training to tow caravans.

Caravan owners are being urged to make more stringent checks this winter

Caravan owners are being urged to make more stringent checks this winterKrediet: RIPE

Egter, the changes remain largely unknown by the general public.

Drivers who passed their driving tests from January 1997 onwards can now automatically tow caravans and trailers up to 3,500kg in weight.

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Previous rules meant they needed to pass an additional driving test in order to do so.

Egter, one year on, there are still concerns from road safety campaigners about allowing drivers that are unaware of the correct procedures.

Drivers are being asked to complete detailed safety checks on both the caravan itself and the towing vehicle before hitting the road.

Punishments for using a vehicle in a ‘dangerous condition’ include fines of up to £2,500, penalty points, or even a complete driving ban in some of the worst-case scenarios.

John Woosey, stigter van Ripe Insurance, gesê: “Many people towing caravans this winter may well be doing so for the very first time.

“So, I’d urge everyone to brush up on the rules before going any further.

The last thing anybody wants right now is a fine—especially when it’s so easily avoidable.

“Towing a caravan can be challenging all year round, but winter certainly throws up additional challenges when the roads are typically more treacherous.”